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By Agolua Nkemdilim Lilian

This work is undertaken in order to give an insight on the widowhood practices and religion in Nigeria. This will help to accomplish and even more convinced about the topic, which has been divided into various chapters.

Published: 12/09/2007

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The Future Of The Youths In Nigeria: What Prospects?

By Agu, Obiageli J.

This is a work that has come to be, out of hand work and tireless research. It covers most about the election process not only in NIgeria but Africa at large. It is also a work that focuses on its point of view thereby providing solutions to the rigging of elections in Africa.

Published: 17/06/2008

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The Impact of Advertising in Motivating Brand Loyalty for Consumer Patronage of Cosmetics

By Agu, Ikechukwu S.

Business organizations in Nigeria have not fully realised the role of a good advertising strategy in business dealings. This is probably because they haven't understood the concept of advert empowerment in business activities.
Advertising, in fact goes beyond creating and placing of advetrs, media planning and buyouts that is the old and traditional advertising to the employment of integrated marketing communication which is an embodiment of marketing, consumer insight or psychology, public relations, strategic planning or vision and the fourth dimension or the human factor.

Published: 12/09/2000

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Marketing of Computer Hardware in a Developing Economy: the Case of Nigeria

By Agu, Romanus S. O.

The Computer industry in Nigeria has come a long way,
starting from 1964 when the first Computer, IBM, zame into the
Country through the University of Ibadan. Since thc n, the growth
of the industry remained largely lackadaisical until 1980s when
Computer awareness grew with the emergence cf indigenous
Companies. The euphoria that greeted this awarenest* led to rapid
rise in the number of Computer vendors in Nigeria.
Apart from the general infrastructural inadequacies
associated with developing ecoiionies, i-5arl;eters of Computer
hardware in Nigeria complain of low demand vis-a-vis the huge
population of the country, unfavourable government -)olicies, cut
throat competition and unfair market practices resulting in
frequent fluctuations in the Computer prices and red- ~ced prof its,
among others. The study looked at the above woblems and
proffered possible solution. To achieve these abj~ctives, four
working hypotheses were formulated. Two sets of cuestionnaire
were used to source primary information used in testing
The following results were deducted; - Inadequate infrastructural facilities such as electricity
supply by NEPA and telecommunication services are nct the major
reasons for low Computer utilization and demani in Nigeria
vis-a-vis the country's population. Rather the greatest blame
went to low level of technological education 3nd Computer
literacy. - Proliferation of Computer Companies in Nigeria : s not caused
by high profits enjoyed by such firms as their prof .ts are still
a far cry from what Companies in other sectors enjwr. There are
no working regulations or conditions governing the ~stablishment
of Computer firms, hence the ease with which they zpring up. - The huge concentration of Computer firms in Lagos is caused by
the existence of desired market in that city. The mcst important
of all possible causes of incessant changes in tke prices of
Computer hardware is fluctuations in the exchange rate of the
Based on the above findings, far reaching rectmmendations
were made to achieve the purpose of the study.
In conclusion, it was apparent that a ccmprehensive
treatment of problems of marketing Computer hardware in Nigeria
requires the involvement of not only the marketing pra :titioners,
but also the government which has the responsibility cf providing
the necessary environment required to achieve the desired objective .

Published: 12/07/1993

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Pathological Characterization in Chickens of a Velogenic Newcastle Disfase Virus (VGF-1) Isolated from Guinea Fowl

By Agu, Anthony Onwubiko

Velogenic Newcastle disease (ND) is a major disease of commercial
and village poultry in Afiica and Asia. Studies of the sequential pathogenesis
of ND under experimentally controlled con&tions have been limi tecl. A flock
of 160 6-week old cockerels, not vaccinated against any disease, was
inoculated intramuscularly with a local Nigerian isolate ofvelogenc ND virus
(NDV) (C'GF-1). Another group of 80 cockerels was inoculated with
phosphate buffered saline ocly and kept as uninfected control. On day 3
post inoculation (PI) the infected birds came down with dullness, drop in
feed and water consumption. Morbidity was 100% by day 4 PI and clinical
signs included grecnish diarrhoea, paralysis and opisthotonus. Torticollis
was observed from clay 7 PI. Improvement in the clinical signs was obsenwd
on day 10 PI and hy day 18 PI only torticollis persisted in some of the birds.
The major gross lesions were petechiation of the proventricular mucosa,
sharply demarcated button-like haemorrhagic ulcers i~i \he snlilll illtestines
and swollen, haemorrlzagic and cheesy caceal tonsils. Bursa of Fabricius,
thymus and spleen were atrophic but by day 20 PI these organs were almost
regaining their nonrial sizes. Other organs showed congestion, haenlorrhage
and oedema. Histop~~thological sections of the lymphoid organs showed
severe lyrnphocytolysis necrosis and depletion Sollwed la tcr by repopulation.
Rend epithelium ;.;as pylaotic. Lesions observed in the brain inlcuded
endotheliosis, peiivasculx lyrnphocitic cuffing, gliosis and hyperaernia.
Oedema and severe lymphocytic infilteration were observed,in the n~eninges.
Infected birds showed increased haemagglutination inhibition (HI) antibody
titres on days 7 and 20 PI. The uninfected birds presented neither clinical
signs, lesions nor seroconversion.
From the above observations it is suggested that the button-like
haenlorrhagic ulcers of the small intestines transiet atrophy of thymus and
petechiation of proventr-ic~ilar mucosa can be veiy useful in the held
diagnosis of ND.

Published: 13/02/1999

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Administrative Constraints to The Implementation of General Studies Programmes in Nigerian Universities: A Case Study of The University of Nigeria, Nsukka

By Agwara, Innocent Chinwendu

This study identified factors that constrained the Administrative Implementation of General Studies programmes in the university of Nigeria, Nsukka. To carry out this research, three research questions were formulated. These research questions were randomly distributed to 48 staff of the School of General Studies. The staffs were made up of 32 Academic Staff and 16 Administartive staff.

Published: 29/08/2003

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Aspects of the Ecology of Mosquitoes in Nsukka Area of Enugu State

By Agwu, Ekenmah Julia

The breeding site preferences of mosquitoes were conducted at Okpuje, Lejja,
Opi, and Nsukka towns in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu state of Nigeria.
A total of 6,408 mosquito larva from 6 genera consisting of 15 species were encountered,
including &. albovictus the oriental yellow fever mosquitoes.
The relative distribution of mosquito larvae in 4 macrohabitats (primary forests
relict Rain forest, Secondary forest, Rock-outcrop and Guinea Savannah) and 4
microhabitats (bamboo cups, snail shells, house-hold cans and clay pots} was studied
from January to December 1992. The investigation revealed that the mosquitoes
collected had a marked preference for the primary forest relict from where 1254
mosquito larvae were collected, while 1074, 904, and 609 mosquito larvae were coIlected
in the Guinea Savannah secondary forest and rock-outcrop respectively. These
differences were significant (P

Published: 23/11/1995

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By Agwu, Francis O.

Dental radiology represents the most diagnostic radiological investigation in the industrial world. Analysis of the statistics of the Dental practice Board of England and Wales over 1980s demonstrates over 16 million examinations performed anually.

Published: 23/11/2000

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By Agwubue, Chibuzo N.

Febrile convulsion which is said to be seizures that occur in a child with high fever of over 39C is usually related to a symptom of a disease condition. It is usually occurs in children from the age of 6 months and five years. Febrile convulsion alone can not kill a child despite the symptoms presented but it poses a threat to child survival when it is poorly managed or mishandled due to superstitious beliefs.

Published: 19/08/2006

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The Effects of Instructional Methods on Students Academic Achievements in Christian Religious Knowledge

By Agwuegbo, Christiana Nkechi

The phenomenal increase in enrolment has brought into Secondary schools a pupil population of wide individual differences with respect to interests, economic and social background, race, religious creeds, aptitudes, ability and vocational; performances. As a result, teachers in secondary schools have been confronted with the necessity to increase their efforts to develop methods of teaching adopted to the needs of all youths, For (1971) emphasized the need to individualize instruction for learner to learn best.

Published: 12/09/1995

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