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Aortic Arch Diameter and its Significance in the Clinical Evaluation of Cardiac and Aortic Enlargements

By Agwuna, Kennedy Kenechukwu, and Anyanwu, G. E.

Objective of study: To determine the relevance of the transverse aortic arch diameter in the evaluation of early aortic and cardiac enlargements.
Subject and method: A total of 1818 chest radiographs of male and female normotensive and hypertensive Nigerians of age range 4-80 and 10-80 years respectively were used for this study. Ages of subjects were obtained and transverse aortic arch, chest and heart diameters were determined.

Published: 23/11/2008

Tags: Aortic arch diameter, aortic aneurysm, cardiac enlargement, normotensive

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A Comparative Study of Retired Top Civil Servants and Corporate Executives

By Aja, Prince U.

This research examined the problems and achievements of ex-corporate executives and public servants as well as the concept of retirement generally. The research methodology for this study involved the use of questionnairee and personal interview. Out of a total of 300 questionnaires distributed, 245 were adequately filled and returned. The questionnaire items were framed to aid the use of chi-square to test the hypothesis postulated in section 1.6.

Published: 13/12/1995

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Offshore Capital Movement: The Case of Switzerland’s Role As An International Financial Centre.

By Ajah, Boniface Audu

0flsh:m: capital moverncnt a globalize phenomenon which concerns
movei n .nt of capital from one country of the world to another. This modern
plicno~iicno~i call glolxlliz;~~ ion wliicli is t cndccl toward financial intcgratccl
of thc world into onc common economic village, have left some economies
lmlly clrv;tstntccl ant1 othcrs ccnnoiny hlosso~ncd
A few countries mainly t lic tlnclcr dcvclopccl, have suffcrccl prnhlems of
capital flight and thc clcvclopcd ccononlics like Switzerland have gotten
their economy hilt into ;I strong intcl-national finance center. All these
ncccssitatcd this rcscarcl~ stucly.
Thc rrsearch study covcrs five chapters. Chapter one covers the
haclq:,r (und to the problem, state~ncnt of the problem, objective, scope and
clcli111it;tion of thc study, thc limitation, significance of the study.
Chapter two rcvicws rclevant literatures to the study.

Published: 27/06/2001

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Isolate an environment of your choice and mentioned at least 5 man made environmental problems. Choose any one of the 5 problems and find their:

By Aje Mercy Agidi

This term paper is on isolation of an environment of my choice and mentioning at least 5 man made environmental problems, choose any one of the 5 problems and find their causes, incidence, effects and solutions to the problems.

Published: 19/10/2006

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Continuous Assessment Cumulative Scores As a Predictor of Academic Achievement in Senior Secondary Biology in Oredo L.G.A of Edo State

By Ajuar, H. N.

The purpose of this study was to find out whether students' senior secondary certificate examination (SSCE) grades can be significantly predicted from their mean continuous assessment cumulative scores (CACS) in Biology.

Published: 10/12/1991

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The Concept, Nature and Scope of Political Economy

By Dr. (mrs.) Patricia, N. Ndukwu, and Dr. Okechukwu, O. Nwaubani

Readings in General Studies Education, (Humanities and Social Sciences) Volume I is the first in the College publication series being directly supervised by the Course/Textbook mittee which was set up by the College Management in 2003. The mandate ur LIK ~u111111ittee among other things includes recommending guidelines 011 fh.: writing of coursedtextbooks for publication.
The need for the series arose largely because of the yearning desire of both siaff and students of the College to have access to well researched course materials w:~ii-ti will address the course contents of the various programmes being currently run by the College. The idea of this task was mooted as far back as the 1998199 academic session but it became a reality during the tenure of the current Provost Dr. (Mrs.) P. N. Ndukwu who serio;sly heeded the call of the Appointments and Promotions Committee of the College Governing Council to embark on textlcourse writing and publication for the benefit of both staff and students of the College.
This present volume is therefore primarily written to enhance the teaching and learning of core courses in General Studies education. By and large, issues and topics, which bother on culture and civilization, education and morality, the nature of society, rights of man, problems ofpolitics and governance are comprehensively treated in chapters 1,2,3,4 and 5 respectively.
Chapters 6 and 7 examined the issues of political economy and the funtlamcntal lmblems of economic development in Nigeria. Similarly, Chapters 8,9, 10 & 1 1 took up in greater details an analytical overview of the twin issues of rhilosoplly and Kcligioil in :;aciely especially from the perspectives of the idea ,of God and the Universe and wiilliil the context of different world religions. Chapter 12 made a very good case for the place of moral education in our schools and gave copious recommendations on how the subject should be effectively taught in order to revive and sustain the moral tone of education in Nigeria. .
Issues taken up in chapters 13 and 14 include the place of Guidance and Counselling in promoting effective teaching and learning in Nigerian Schools and the need for proper orientation of students on the requirements of University course system, examination and other related practices. The strategic steps to be taken by students to prepare and pass examinations formed the basis of discussion in chapter 15 while chapter 16,examined the need for proper evaluation of teaching-learning situations bearing in mind the role of continuous assessment, measurement and evaluation in Nigeria's educational system

Published: 23/06/2006

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The Effect of Manipulative Experiences on the Acquisition of Basic Science Process Skills by Primary School Pupils

By Ajunwa, Chukwuemeka Amabo

This study was carried out in recognition of the fact that one of the ways in which the teaching of primary science in schools can be improved is by identifying and employing more effective instructional strategies.

Published: 23/10/1990

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Groundwater investigations In The Enugu Area Using Electrical Resistivity Methods

By Aka, Edwin U.

Electrizal resistivity Investigations were
conducted on the kjali Sandstone at 9th Mile Corner
(Enugu Ngwo) of the Anambra sedimentary basin. The
project was geared towards coctributing to the solution
of the groundwater problems of the area. The vertical
and horizontal variations of resistivity were determined
along several profiles. Most of the vertical electrical sounding curves correspond to five - layer models. Partial curve - matching techniques and the use of
auxiliary point methods were tze approaches employed for
the interpretation of the sounding curves. From the data,
the depth to the acquifer varied between 5Om and SSm,
and subsequent drilling data obtained from boreholes in
the area closely agree with these results.

Published: 23/03/1983

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The Continued Depreciation Of The Value Of The Nations Currency: What hope for the survival Of The Economy?

By Akaehilem, Victor C.

This work is an overview of how the Nigerian currency has been depreciating. It is therefore written to provide other research writers and the public with the information about the decrease in the Nigerian currency.

Published: 30/05/2008

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The Impact of Television on Public Relations Activities in Nigeria

By Akande, Aweneri Festus

This study strove to collate and analyse data from precisely 388 respondents to structured questionnaires administered on Public Relations Practitioners in both paid employment and cconsultancy services, Television and other media executives, companies executives which cut across small, medium and large scale outfits; and selected members of the public in the cities of Lagos, Abuja, Enugu and Port Harcourt where commercial activities are in the front burner. Similarly, the available literature was reviewed.

Published: 23/11/1998

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