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Industrial Educational Programming: Towards Meeting The National Manpower Demands and the Requirements of the Nigerian Industries

By Ogbazi, N.j

Industrial Educational Programming: Towards Meeting The National Manpower Demands and the Requirements of the Nigerian Industries

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: Industrial Educational Programming: National Manpower Demands

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Approaches to Effective Sports Management in Nigeria in the 21st Century

By Nji, Godfrey C

There are donuts if Nigeria will meet the sports development pace of the world sporting nations should the situation remain as it is.

Published: 01/06/2008

Tags: sports, management

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Identification and Analysis of Problems in Adult Nonformal Educational Practice: The Case of Adult Education Organizers in Anambra State

By Ngwu, P. N. C.

Approaches to problems and needs assessment which go beyond mere enumeration of problems and grouping them into clusters almost always focus attention on identifying learners' needs and problems.

Published: 21/09/1984

Tags: adult education, non-formal education

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The Olympic Games As an International Force in The Modern World

By Nji G.c.

The Olympic Games are hlghty glorified around the globe. They remain the biggest
sporting competitions in the history of mankind, The main task of this paper is to give a
critical review of the Olympic Games as an international force in modern world. In
particular the paper will address itself to:
I. The contributions of Olympic Games to world politics
2. The socio~cultural influences the Olympic Games have on international scene
3. The relationships that exist between the Olympic Games, economy and industry.

Published: 21/09/2018

Tags: olympic games, games

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Teachers Knowledge and Application of Innovative Strategies in Biology Teaching

By Nzewi, Uchenna M., and Nwosu, Appolonia A.

Education especially in Science and Technology has always been seen as the most appropriate and the fastest vehicle for the planned transformation of any society at large.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: Teachers Knowledge, Innovative Strategies.

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Higher Degree Research in Science Education in Nigerian Universities

By Nzewi, Uchenna M.

The place and role of research in Education has been the subject of many academic write-ups. Research in science education dates back to the early sisties in Nigeria and has continued till the present (Jegede and Nzewi 1988, Omolewa 1977)

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: Research in science education, academic write-ups,

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Evolving The Right Base Education for Poverty Reduction Through The National Open University In Nigeria: The Millennium Development Goals Focus

By Mbagwu, F.o. Author 2 Ekwelum, V.o.

Education is important for many reasons. it helps people to acquire the skill they need to survive and perform day-to-day tasks.

Published: 02/12/2018

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Evaluation of the Effects of Set Induction Strategies on Secondary School Student’s Interest and Academic Achievements in French

By Ekwonye, Emmanuel .c.

'The recent Federal Government policy to make French a core subject has
given it a pride of place. But the story is not as exhilarating as it sounds in the
teaching and learning of the subject in the seconda~ys chools due to students' apr~thy,
low scholastic attainment and high dropout rate from it. Students' poor performance
in all domains in French as observed by most studies is attributable to the disparity
between curr-iculum desigdstipulation including evaluation and curriculum
implementation in French. This disparity can negate the Federal Government's
expectations in boosting her international, political and socio-economic
undergirdings. Since experts asserthgree that testing can raise standards defined in
tems of levels of attainment in basic skills such as readin-g. . and also that set
induction strategies stimulate students' interest and make for erective learning, tl~c
researcher decided to explore such assertions to investigate this problcm and
designed an evaluation model composed of informal testing.
developed and packaged set induction strategies as conceived in this work for the model;
used appropriate experts to validate the package;
trained teachers to use it;
developed and validated relevant evaluation instruments to measure the efkcts of the
package on the learning of French in the Secondary School, particularly on
students' interest and academic achievement in the subject.

Published: 04/04/1999

Tags: Evaluation of the Effects of Set Induction Strategies on Secondary School Student’s Interest and Academic Achievements in French

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Health Hazards of Using Sewage Wastes for Crop Production

By Mbagwu, F.o., and Osuala, J.d.c.

This study characterized the farmers who use the university of Nigeri Nsukka sewage wastes for income generation activities and evaluated their level of awareness of the potential health hazards associated with the use of these wastes.

Published: 02/12/2018

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Water for Sustainable Development

By Nwosu, Apollonia Anaele

This module on water for sustainable development is meant for Junior secondary schools. The purpose is to encourage the youths who are future adults and Leaders to appreciate the importance of water for the continued existence of quality life on earth.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: Water, Sustainable Development, Education, youths, adults and Leaders,

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Associateship Certificate in Education Series

By Maduewesi, Ebele N.

Education is one of the ways in which society enables its
citizenb acquire the beliefs, values and skills they require
to function. It thus follows that education within any society
must be relevant. Schools have the special responsibility to
provide education and thus nurture, train or bring up the
young of the society in ways that would benefit the individuals
and the scwicty also.

Published: 20/09/1986

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National Seminar on Current Trends in Nigerian Educational Research

By Maduewesi, Ebele N.

The attitude of the various Nigerian communities toward children as well as the overwhelming evidence in the literature show that the Nigerian child has been at the center of the social, economic, religious and family structure in Nigeria.

Published: 20/06/1985

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Problem – Centered Laboratory – Investigative Approach to Science Practical in Secondary Schools: Pilot Study 1 (Biology)

By Nworgu L.n., and Nworgu B.g.

In this study, a problem-centered laboratory investigator approach to science practicals in secondary schools was roposed and tried out on 160 SS1 biology Students from Two secondary schools in Nsuka Urban.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: Centered Laboratory, Investigative Approach, Science Practical in Secondary Schools, Pilot Study

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Parental Perception of Male and Female Teacher Classroom Behaviour

By Maduewesi, Ebele N.

Education has been described as the opportunity to experience those aspects of the culture which are worthwhile and enduring.

Published: 20/04/1984

Tags: behaviour

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Cloze Procedure – A Method Used in Assessing The Readability of Biology Textbooks

By Nworgu L.n.

This study assessed the readability of three Nigerian Secondary School Biology Textbook using the cloze procedure. The sample for the study compared 300 SS1 and SS2 students randomly drawn from ten secondary schools in Nsukka Educational Zone.

Published: 20/09/1998

Tags: Educational Zone, readability, Textbook, cloze procedure

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