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Improving The Quality of Science Teaching in Nigeria: The Science Teacher Dimension

By Nworgu L.n.

For the learner to acquire the basic skills and attitudes in science, he should be effectively involved in the learning process. This implies that science teaching should be activity based and child centered for it to be productive

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: Quality of Science Teaching, Science Teacher Dimension, education.

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Education and the Nigerian Society Understanding the Learner

By Maduewesi, Ebele N.

By the- age. of twelve, t h e w e l l balanced_personality
of-ten year o l d has become d i s i n t e g r a t e d . Pubescence
"pre puberty" Preadolescence are terms used to d e s c r i b e
t h e years eleven and twelve; sometimes r e f e r r e d to as
t h e l a s t years of childhood t h i s period marks t h e t r a n s i -
t i o n between childhood p r o p e r and puberty.

Published: 20/02/1983

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A Study of the Favourite Activities of Primary School Pupils

By Maduewesi, Ebele N.

This study attempts to identify and categorize those activities that children enjoy and
voluntarly engage in; discusses their implications for teaching and learning. The population
studied coneisted of more than f i e hundred elementary school p p l s made up of equal
numbers of boys and girls selected equally from nual and urban schools and representing a
younger and an older age set. The subjects were asked to list thee activities they moat
enjoyed engaging in. The responses were categorised. The results showed that the ectivities
1 most enjoyed were in the playing, sports and games category, followed by helping with
chores at home, then reading. The chi square test of goodness - of-fit was ueed to test for
differences between the age sets, sexes and physical locations. Signifiint differences wae
found at the 41 level between the two age sets in the Reading and Studyingategory
between the sexes in the Helping at Home category. but m significant diffaence was found
in the physical location variable except in the Excursion and Exploring category

Published: 20/01/1982

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Worries and Fears of Elementary School Pupils in Nigeria

By Maduewesi, Ebele N.

Interest and concerns are two factors which affect the learner in a positive and a negative way respectively.

Published: 20/11/1981

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Children’s Interests and the Primary School Curriculum

By Maduewesi, Ebele N.

The need t o understand the i n t e r e s t s of c h i l d r e n a s a b a s i s f o r
curriculum planning has been expressed by many hmerican writers i n
various ways (Bruner 1971, Lee and Lee 1960, Havighurst 1974).
I n t e r e s t s a r e of concern i n education both as ends and means, t h a t is x
o b j e c t i v e s and as motivating f o r c e s i n connection with experiences t o
a t t a i n o b j e c t i v e s (Tylor, 1949). Thus t h e modern teacher should l i s t e n
t o and observe c h i l d r e n s o t h a t he can adapt h i s resources t o what he
sees and hears from them (Cohen, 1973).

Published: 20/04/1982

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Affective Dimensions of Effective Teaching

By Maduewesi, Ebele N.

Major emphases i n thinking or writing about teaching are usually
focused on what t h e teacher can or should do t o maximize student learning.
These include providing adequately f o r t h e p h y s i c a l , emotional and
i n t e l l e c t u a l needs of the student. That i n f a c t is what a l l the teacher
e f f e c t i v e n e s s s t u d i e s are a l l about.

Published: 20/03/1982

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The Igbo View of the Child

By Maduewesi, Ebele N.

Few cultures make quite as much fuss about having childrenas do igbos.

Published: 20/05/1983

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Basic Ideas and Principles Concerning Teaching

By Maduewesi, Ebele N.

Many of us probably remember our early teachers and have
one impression or other of the111 because they have made
some impression on us. Now, faced with the vocation of
teaching, we might wonder how our teachers came to teach.
Did they really decide that teaching would be their life
calling? Or was it just 'one of those things' you cirift into
before you know what you are doing? At this stage, we
might also begin to wonder about the kind of people who
taught us. Were they bright or dull people? What were
their basic ideas about teaching? How were they trained?
Were their ideas about teaching the same as we have today?
What in fact is teaching both as an activity or series of activities
and as a profession?

Published: 20/09/2018

Tags: teaching

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Scholastic Ability Differences in Value Concept Attainment in Social Studies Among Secondary School Pupils

By Nwazuoke, I.a., and Nwaubani, O.o

Interests have been shown on differences between individuals in abilities to
learn and to reason and appropriate means is of assessing these differences. Tire underlying assumption in the development and standardization of many intelligence tests is that school or academic performance should be predicted through such tests' results

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: Scholastic Ability, Value Concept Attainment, Differences, schoolsacademic performance

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Searching for the National Nugget-the Teachers of Teachers

By Maduewesi, Ebele N.

The key persous in the culture-moulding process are the
trainers of teachers. So says J.A. Lauwery' (1969). The National
Curriculum Conference (1969) noted that "the production of
knowledgeable, effective teachers depends on the teaching staff
since, the extent of pursuit of excellence in an institution depends
in a large measure upon the calibre and quality of its staff." No
doubt the quality of influence exerted by a teacher training
institution through staff, quality of instruction college tradition,
and the general atmosphere and tone on the teacher trainee lasts
through the trainet's subsequent professional career.

Published: 19/09/1985

Tags: nationalnugget

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Child Socialization in the Pre-School Setting in NigeriaChild Socialization in the Pre-School Setting in Nigeria

By James O. Enusike, and Ebelej. Maduewesi

The spring up of pre school institutions in the form of Day-care centers and nursery schools in most urban and quasi-urban and quasi-urban areas i Nigeria is an attempt to parental care for some of the children for, at least, part ofthe day.

Published: 19/05/1986

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Childrearing, Acculturation and Neglectful Strategies in Childhood Education

By Maduewesi, Ebele N.

The prevention of any form of:behavior or attitude which retards or adversely
affects the healthy development of children is the locus of this writer's interest. This pptper
is an attempt to focus attention on sohe educational activities and factots, found in the
home or early educational institutions that could become aspects or components of c u d
abuse find neglect

Published: 19/05/1986

Tags: acculturation, childhood, childrearing, education

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Justice and the Primary School Environment

By Maduewesi, Ebele N.

In a universal education system, equalization of opportunities should be the guiding principle in order to justify the universal nature of the project.

Published: 19/04/1986

Tags: justics, environment

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Workers’ Education

By Ngwu, P. N. C.

This evaluates Workers’ Education

Published: 01/01/1990

Tags: Workers, Education

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Significant Aspects of Research in Primary Education in Nigeria

By Maduewesi, Ebele N.

Since the introduction or western education i n t o Nigeria,
prirnary schooli.ny has been recocjnised as the beginning or
foundation of formal education and r i g h t up t o t h e f i f t i e s , it
lasted eight years but has since been reduced t o six,

Published: 19/06/1986

Tags: primary education

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