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Social Sciences



The History of the Catholic Church in Nigeria

By Nndukwu Patricia Nwaubani O

Our country Nigeria is made up of many people, cultures, and ethnic groups having histories and traditions. This wealth and variety are brought into our praise to God and the review of our Christian Life.
Readings and General Studies Education Volume 1 (Humanities and Social Science Extracts from the Lineamenta for the First National Pastoral Congress.

Published: 03/09/2006

Tags: Christian life, cultures and ethnic groups, Catholic church history, 2006

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Determinants of Health Facility Utilization in Enugu State -Nigeria

By Madu, I.a., Ajaero, C.k.

This study appraised the factors that determine the utilization of health facilities by the population of Enugu state Nigeria.

Published: 01/05/2008

Tags: Enugu State, Healthcare, Health Facilities, Population; Utilization

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Patterns of Utilization of Health Facilities in Enugu State, Nigeria

By Madu, I.a

This study was carried out to examine the pattern of utilization of health facilities by the populations of Enugu state.

Published: 01/05/2007

Tags: Behaviour, Enugu State, Health Facilities, Needs, Population, Utilization

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Spatial Inequality in Nigeria: The Imperative of Geographic Perspectives in the Development Process

By Madu, I.a

the focus of this paper is on regional inequality in socio- economic standards in Nigeria.

Published: 01/01/2006

Tags: Spatial Inequality, Nigeria, Imperative,Geographic Perspectives, Development Process

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Rural Land Use Change in Southeastern Nigeria: and Environmental Consequences

By Madu, I.a

In this regard the author proffers the application of land quality indicators as an environmental management tool for the region against the backdrop of the land use changes and the linkages with the environmental degradation in the region.

Published: 01/01/2005

Tags: Rural Land Use, Southeastern Nigeria,Environmental Consequences

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Geography and Socio-Economic Development in Nigeria

By Madu I.a.

The purpose of this paper is to explain the differences in levels of socio-economic development between geopolitical regions in Nigeria.

Published: 01/05/2002

Tags: Geography, Socio-Economic Development, Nigeria

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Strategic Guidelines for Enhancing Gender Equality in Community Development Participation in Nigeria

By Madu, I.a.

This paper presents strategic guild lines for enhancing, women's participation in community development.

Published: 01/01/2004

Tags: Strategic Guidelines, Gender Equality, Community Development Participation, Nigeria

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Conceptual Framework and Action Plan for Community Participation in Rural Infrastructure Development in Nigeria

By Madu, I.a

This paper presents a framework for engendering community participation in rural infrastructural development in Nigeria.

Published: 01/01/2003

Tags: Conceptual Framework,Action Plan, Community Participation, Rural Infrastructure Development, Nigeria

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Elements of the Structural Adjustment Programme in Nigeria Liberalization and Deregulation

By Ikpeze, Nnaemeka I.

This paper finds that capitalism, that is, its attendant ideology which has been officially adopted, providers a more basis rationalization on account of its concern for individual freedom.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: Elements, Structural Adjustment Programme, Nigeria Liberalization and Deregulation

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Strategies Towards the Establishment of a United States of Africa

By Agwuna, Kennedy Kenechukwu

When Nkrumah made his very plea for the establishment of a united states of Africa, quiet a significant number of people thought it to be utopian

Published: 17/06/1994

Tags: africa

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Social Justice and Human Right In Nigeria: A Critical Evaluation

By Itodo Thomas, Anthony N.

The academic work resumes by laying the contextual overview of the operating concepts, precisely – social justice and human right.

Published: 07/05/2008

Tags: Social Justice, Human Right, 2008

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Welcome to the New Testament Writings

By Ezichi Anya Ituma

The manner of the beginning of any pursuit may determine, to a large extent, what one makes out of it. If the approach is negative the outcome is very likely going to be negatively affected. The same is true if the approach is positive. Yet, one can approach the New Testament from a depraved dilemma. Such is the situation we find among many students of New Testament in the tertiary institutions, be it theological college or university.

Published: 09/08/2001

Tags: New Testament

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Afrocentricism and Christianity

By Ituma, Ezichi Anya

This article aims to examine the different strands of incursion of Christianity into African cultural setting. There is an emphasis in Nigeria, however the purpose of the work is to discover those strands that generate conflict between Christianity and African culture and to proffer solutions. It has therefore been noted that even Christianity has a lot of good values the method of introducing it to Africa was shabby. A repackaging of the Gospel of Christianity is there suggested.

Published: 13/06/2003

Tags: Afrocentricism, Christianity

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The Eritrean Customary Laws: ‘Old-Modern’ Treasures For An Effective Sentencing Regime – The Just Desert System

By Ogubazghi, Habteab Y., and Andemariam, Senai W.

Scholars of contemporary criminal law have identified these purposes as carrying four basic elements:
- reformation (rehabilitation) of the convicted;
- deterrence of the convicted and/or potential criminals from committing further crimes in the future;
- disablement (incapacitation) of the convicted from engaging in criminal acts and thereby protecting the society; and
- retribution (revenge) for the crime committed against the victims and the society.
Reflected in any form or wording, these purposes of criminal law are usually kept together in the penal codes. The essence of keeping all (or some) of these purposes together (and very often in a single article) is that judges, in passing sentences after conviction, are required to keep these purposes in mind and that the sentences shall be carried out in a manner that embodies these purposes together.

Published: 14/06/2008

Tags: Eritrean Customary Law, Just Desert System, effective sentencing regime

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Access To Justice And The Alternative remedy Rule In Nigeria’s Public Law Adjudication – Rethinking The Alternative Remedy Rule in Nigeria

By Ogbuabor, L. L. M.

Access to Justice is a very significant component of the Rule of Law and Democracy worldwide. That is why today, the British Department for International Development and other similar agencies are paying serious attention to it.109 In developing democracies, such as Nigeria particularly with its military antecedents in governance, issues concerning access to Justice take the centre stage. More often than not, whenever issues of access to justice come up for discussion, what readily comes to mind are such matters as locus standi, ouster clauses, state immunity and delay in the administration of Justice.

Published: 14/06/2008

Tags: access to justice, alternative remedy, public law adjudication

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