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Social Sciences



Strategies Towards the Establishment of a United States of Africa

By Echezona, Nduba C.

Strategies Towards the Establishment of a United States of Africa

Published: 15/06/1994

Tags: united states

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ECOWAS, Regional Integration and a New World Order

By Echezona, Nduba C.

~t t h i s p o h t Of time i n t h e h i s t o r y of mankind, we think
it wise to dwell on a t o p i c as t h i s i n order t o find out if
t h e r e is something new i n a w r l d o r d e r t h a t is said to be
new to apply t o ~ r e q i o n ~i nl t e g r a t i o n e s p e c i a l l y i n west Africa.

Published: 15/01/1993

Tags: new world, regional integration, ECOWAS

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Peace Keeping and Poverty: The Case of ECOMOG and Liberia

By Echezona, Nduba C.

The ECOWAS monitoring group (ECOMOG) has been engulfed in quiet some controversy for sometime now.

Published: 15/09/1991


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Thresholds of Inter-Dependence

By Echezona, Nduba C.

Two theories which have complemented one another in international relations in this era the twin theories of interdependence and dependence.

Published: 15/02/1989

Tags: threshold, inter-dependence

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Nuclear Weapons and National Security

By Echezona, Nduba C.

The question of N i g e r i a ' s a c q u i s i t i o n of nuclear t e c h n o l c ~ y
for both peaceful and powerful p o l i t i c a l purposes has been
addressed' by policy-makers , academics and technicians, I n
most instances, the tendency among these groups is t o i n s i s t
on the need t o e c q u i r e n u c l e a r technology for security
purposes as a deterrence t o South Africa.

Published: 15/09/1988

Tags: nuclear weapon, security

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A Critical Appraisal of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy, 1960-1986

By Echezona, Nduba C.

T h i s e s s a y is d i v i d e d i n t o t h r e e p a r t s . The first p a r t shows
t h a t t h e .dominance o f o u r n a t i o n a l eeanorry by fcrreipn monopolies
because of t h s i n c a p d c i t y o f t h e r u l i n g c l a s s on winning f l a g
independence t o move t h e n a t i o n from o n ~ o - c o l o n y tr a f u l l y
l i b e r a t e d state, makes it i m p o s s i b l e f o r us to halve a v i a b l e
f o r e i g n p o l l c y .

Published: 15/09/1987

Tags: foreign policy

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Indiscipline in the Society: What Hopes for the Future

By Iffih, B. N.

It is a common notion that any nation without conscience, inevitably is bound to be bedeviled with so many social ills.

Published: 08/09/2003

Tags: Indiscipline, society, hopes, society

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Nigeria and the Economic Community y of West African States (ECOWAS)

By Echezona, Nduba C.

The major p r o b l e m t.n ,'tl.c ' d i s c u s s . i o n of
N i g e r i a ' s role i n t h e Economic Community of West
A f r i c a n S t a t e s (ECOWAS) c a n be t r a c e d i n t h e l e v e l
o f a n a l y s i s p r o b l em.

Published: 15/09/1986

Tags: economic community, ECOWAS

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The Democratic Imperative for Africa: Lesions for and from Nigeria

By Echezona, Nduba C.

The decade of the 1990s has witnessed an unprecedented surge in political activities on the
part of African masses in the direction of plural democracy in the African continent. Since
the post-independerrce decade, the masses in Africa were doused each time they rose up tq
challenge an authoritarian, dictatorial regime. What therh is responsible for this new found
"freedom" to seek a plural political order? Is this search for plurh democracy, Africa-wide
or is it locked in some enclaves in the African continent? What are the recurring themes
around which this quest for plural democracy converge? What are the possibilities that e
truly plural political system would be enshrined on the African continent? What is the role
of the army in all these ongoing processes? In treating these questions, I sought recourse to
a political economy approach which sees the prevailing African condition as one in which the
absence of a state and thus a class with a messianic development attributes causes a political
system whether pluplism or otherwise to be dictated to her from elsewhere. I examined all
the following attributes in a comparatiie perspective: multipartyism, nature of foreign pressure,
pressure by civil society and the role of the army

Published: 15/01/1993

Tags: democratic, lesions

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Perestroika, Glasnost and the Nigerian Political Situation

By Echezona, Nduba C.

The political dimensions of perestroike affect leadership and the political process.

Published: 15/11/1990

Tags: political, perestrika, glasnost

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Ethnography and Major Approaches in Ethnographic Research

By Iffih, B. N.

It is not an uncommon phenomenon for some concepts and/or sub divisions of a field of study to be either narrowly or even wrongly conceptualized .

Published: 15/09/2018

Tags: phenemenon, cocepts, divisions, ethnography, approaches.

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Human Services: Relieving Economic Stress

By Iffih, B. N.

from its inception as a planned industrial community, Lowell has faced the problem of providing human services for its residents.

Published: 09/09/2008

Tags: industrial communities, Lowell, problem, human services, residents.

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Nigeria and Nuclear Weapons

By Echezona, Nduba C.

Within the decade of the 1970s when Nigeria's oil was gushing and Nigeria was selling it at very high prices and, thus, reaping very huge profits, there was a loud cry by academicians and public functionaries for Nigeria to acquire nuclear weapons.

Published: 15/09/1989

Tags: nuclear weapon

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Strategies Towards the Establishment of a United States of Africa

By Echezona, Nduba C.

When Esame Nkrumah made his very early plea for the establishment of a united states of Africa, quite a significant number of people though it to be Utopian.

Published: 15/06/1994

Tags: Africa

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Social Studies in a New World Order: Implications for Africa

By Echezona, Nduba C.

It would seem that after some debate about the nature of the
world we have inherited since about 1991 that we are settling in to
some belief that there is something significantly new about it to
make us refer to it as a New World Order. It will however take
some time, especially after some further rigorous analyses to take
the new order for granted and to start to deal pragmatically with
its outcomes.

Published: 15/06/1994

Tags: new world order

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