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Social Sciences



Comparison of Hypertensive Patients and Normotensive Individuals on Anger Arousal

By Ifeagwazi, Chuka Mike

The main objective of this study was to find out whether hypertensive
patients and normotensive individuals differ in their anger arousal scores.
The participants consisted of seventy-one (71) previously diagnosed
hypertensive patients recruited from the cardiology unit, ear male clot
(EMC), and orthopaedic wards of the University of Nigeria Teaching
Hospital (UNTH) Enugu

Published: 30/08/2007

Tags: hypertensive, patients, arousal scores, diagnosed, orthopaedic

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Using Psychological Testing as a Source of Information About Clients: Some Psychological Issues and Variables

By Ifeagwazi, Chuka Mike

Gathering information about the psychological status and functioning of clients is
at the core of clinical assessment enterprise. Psychological testing constitutes
one major source of information about clients and tests are designed to collect
assessment data under standard conditions

Published: 15/09/2018

Tags: psychological, variables, source of information, testing,

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The Emotional Impact of Unemployment on Igbo (Nigeria) Graduates

By Ifeagwazi, Chuka Mike

The present study investigated the emotional impact of unemployment on
Igbo Nigerian graduates. Specifically the study was designed to compare the
Ievels of depressive symptomatology as measured by the Centre for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D) between unemployed Igbos.

Published: 06/07/2005

Tags: emotional, psychology, unemployment, graduates.

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A Review of Aspects of Clinical Management of Essential Hypertension

By Ifeagwazi, Chuka Mike.

High blood pressure (hypertension) is considered by most experts in behavioural medicine to be a chronic and life threatening illness that constitutes a serious risk factor for other cardiovascular diseases such as strokes, myocardial infarction, hear1 failure and can cause death through kidney failure

Published: 15/09/2018

Tags: chronnic, hypertension, behavorial, hifh blood pressure

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Personality Traits and Occupational Fit: A Comparison of Personality Characteristic of Medical and Law Students

By Ifeagwazi, Chuka Mike

One of the critical decisions one makes in life is vocational choice. Occupational choice involves a series of decisions about choosing careers that would match one's personality

Published: 14/12/2003

Tags: critical decision, occupational, careers, choice,

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Trends in Conceptualization of the Etiology of Psychopathology with a Special Focus on Euro-American and African Cultures

By Ifeagwazi, Chuka Mike

This paper examines some trends in conceptualization of the etiology
of psychopathology in Euro-American and African cultures. Three
models of clinical psychopathology namely, the supernatural, biological
and psychological models were discussed.

Published: 04/09/2000

Tags: clinical, psychopathology, biological, conceptualization, cultures

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Assessment of Symptoms of Stress Among Nigerian Widows

By Ifeagwazi, Chuka Mike

This study was designed to explore the symptoms of stress among the recently widowed women.

Published: 15/09/1999

Tags: stress, widowed women, indicator scale.

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New Super Power Perspective on European Unity

By Echezona, Nduba C.

For several centuries past, the.issue of European unity :i
received quite a considerable amount of attention among
European philosopher$

Published: 14/08/1990

Tags: european unity

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Peace Keeping and Poverty: The Case of ECOMOG and Liberia

By Echezona, Nduba C.

The ECOWAS Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) h a s been e n g u l f e d i n
quiet same c o n t r o v e r s y f o r sometime now. ~ Although i t would seem
'at it h a s ensured some peace i n L i b e r i a , it is not y e t c l e a r
'*her it is peace for one s i d e of t h e b e l l i g e r e n cy

Published: 14/09/1991

Tags: poverty,

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Nuclear Weapons and National Security

By Echezona, Nduba C.

The question of N i g e r i a ' s a c q u i s i t i o n of nuclear t e c h n o l c ~ y
for both peaceful and powerful p o l i t i c a l purposes has been
sddressed' by policy-makers , academics and technicians, I

Published: 14/09/1988

Tags: nuclear weapon and national security

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Beyond Renunciation

By Arukwe, Nnanna O., Elomba, E.e., et al

It has been suggested that undergraduates are responsible for two-thirds of all crimes committed in Edo state and elsewhere because of their involvement in secret societies on campuses.

Published: 14/09/2018

Tags: renunciation

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The Underlying Factors of Rural Development Patterns in the Nsukka Region of Southeastern Nigeria

By Madu, I.a.

The Underlying Factors of Rural Development Patterns in the Nsukka Region of Southeastern Nigeria.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: Inequalities, Nsukka Region, Rural Communities, Rural Infrastructure, Spatial Patterns

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Geography and Socio-Economic Development in Nigeria

By Madu I.a.

Man lives in a physical environment, which to a very considerable degree influences his socio-economic activities. Incidentally, the physical elements show spatial expression, implying that differences occur in their occurrence and character in different locations.

Published: 13/05/2002

Tags: goegraphy, socio-economic, development, Madu

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Synergy Between Law And Morality In Contemporary Society: Issues And Challenges

By Katsina, Robert Iornenge

The question as to whether there exist any relationship between law and morality and if any, then to what extent, is as old as the history of man himself. The question as to whether the law should allow or forbid the doing of something acknowledged to be immoral is a controversial one. Two schools of thought holding opposing views in this regard are the positivist and the naturalist schools of thought. The naturalist hold the view that law as a regulator of social engineering should not be static but should succumb or response to the dictates of changing circumstances as to values, beliefs and morals of the society for effective performance, observance and enforcement. The positivist conversely hold the view that, law is law and valid and should not concern itself with the morality or otherwise facts or conducts however bad, unjust or immoral. The paper therefore, seek to x-ray the areas of similarities and divergence between law and morality in the wake of decaying moral values in the society and examine the extent to which the synergy between morality and law can help in addressing and maintaining social values.

Published: 14/06/2008

Tags: synergy, law and morality, contemporary society, Katsina

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Strategies for National Integration in Nigeria

By Echezona, Nduba C.

There is no topic more important today for its linkage to the overall Nigerian development than National integration. the truth about the nigerian state today is that it remains largely unintegrated after half a century of existence...

Published: 13/09/1986

Tags: Strategies for National Integration in Nigeria

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