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Social Sciences



Nigeria and the Economic Community y of West African States (ECOWAS)

By Echezona, Nduba C.

The major problem in the discussion of Nigeria's role in the Economic community of West african states can be traced in the level of analysis problem.

Published: 13/09/1986

Tags: Nigeria and the Economic Community

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Nigeria’s Policy in Angola

By Echezona, Nduba C.

Since nigeria obtained her indapendance, there s no foreign policy arena in which she has tried to distinguish herself as much as is the case in Angela especially in the Angolon civil war.

Published: 13/09/1987

Tags: Nigeria’s Policy in Angola

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Integration of a Plural Society and Prospects of Peace in South Africa

By Amuchieazi, E.c

The problem of p o l i t k a l i n t e g r a t i o n is one of t h e
major c o n c e r n s of d e v e l o p i n g c o u n t r i e s , Each of t h e new
n a t i o n s h a s u n d e r its u m b r e l l a v a r i o u s e t h n i c g r o u p s which
were b r o u g h t t o g e t h e r by forces beyond t h e i r c o n t r o l .
Nigeria c o n t a i n s a b o u t 250 e t h n i c g r o u p s w h i c h were
c o n s t i t u t e d i n t o a c o u n t r y by European and p a r t i c u l a r l y
B r i t i s h i m p e r i a l d e s i g n s , E t h i o p i a , 9n t h e o t h e r hand,
c o n s i s t s of a number of e t h n i c g r o u p s f o r c i b l y i n c o r p o r a t e d
into an empire of a powerful A f r i c a n monarch,

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: Plural Society,Peace, South Africa

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A Critical Appraisal of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy, 1960-1986

By Echezona, Nduba C.

This essay is divided into three parts. the first part shows that the dominance of our national economy by foreign monopolies because of the incapacity of the ruling class on winning flag independence to move the nation from a neo-colony to a fully liberated states, makes it impossible for us to have a visible foreign policy.

Published: 13/09/1987

Tags: Critical Appraisal,Nigeria’s Foreign Policy

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Nuclear Weapons and National Security

By Echezona, Nduba C.

The question of Nigeria's acquisition of nuclear technology for both peaceful and powerful political purposes has been addressed by policy-makers, academics and technician, In most instances, the tendency among these groups is to insist on the need to acquire nuclear technology for security purposes as a deterrence to south africa.

Published: 13/09/1988

Tags: Nuclear Weapons and National Security

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Perestroika, Glasnost and the Transition Civil Rural

By Echezona, Nduba C.

Those academics who are interested in soviet studies were thrilled with the phenomenon of mikhil gorbachev. at first, there was the thinking that the reforms which he had launched were in the same mould of Kruschev's in 1956 when East European communist parties especally in Hungary, borrowed a fig leaf from him and wanted to withdraw from the warsaw pact and the soviet bloc, they were closbered.

Published: 13/09/1991

Tags: Perestroika, Glasnost and the Transition Civil Rural

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Peace Keeping and Poverty: The Case of ECOMOG and Liberia

By Echezona, Nduba C.

The ECOWAS minitoring Group has been engulfed in some controversy for sometimee now. although it would seem that it has ensured some peace in Liberia, it is not yet clear whether it is peace for one side of the belligerncey.

Published: 13/09/1991

Tags: Peace Keeping and Poverty, ECOMOG and Liberia

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The Democratic Imperative for Africa: Lesions for and from Nigeria

By Echezona, Nduba C.

The decade of the 1990s has witnessed an unprecedented surge in political activities on the part of African masses in the direction of plural democracy in the African continent. Since the post-independerrce decade, the masses in Africa were doused each time they rose up to challenge an authoritarian, dictatorial regime. What therh is responsible for this new found "freedom" to seek a plural political order? Is this search for plurh democracy, Africa-wide or is it locked in some enclaves in the African continent? What are the recurring themes around which this quest for plural democracy converge? What are the possibilities that truly plural political system would be enshrined on the African continent? What is the role of the army in all these ongoing processes? In treating these questions, I sought recourse to a political economy approach which sees the prevailing African condition as one in which the absence of a state and thus a class with a messianic development attributes causes a political system whether pluplism or otherwise to be dictated to her from elsewhere. I examined all the following attributes in a comparatiie perspective: multipartyism, nature of foreign pressure, pressure by civil society and the role of the army.

Published: 13/09/1993

Tags: The Democratic Imperative for Africa: Lesions for and from Nigeria

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ECOWAS, Regional Integration and a New World Order

By Echezona, Nduba C.

At this point f time in the history of mankind, we think it wise to dwell on a topic as this in order to find out if there is something new in a wrold order that is said to be new to apply to regional integration especially in west Africa.

Published: 13/09/1993

Tags: ECOWAS, Regional Integration and a New World Order

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Thresholds of Inter-Dependence

By Echezona, Nduba C.

Two theories which have complemented one another in international relations in this ear are the twin theories of interdependence and dependence. a whole cluster of writers collapse on them explaining debating, talking past each other in an attempt to come to terms with the character of our planet today.

Published: 13/09/1990

Tags: Thresholds of Inter-Dependence

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New Super Power Perspective on European Unity

By Echezona, Nduba C.

For several centuries past, the.issue of European unity :i received quite a considerable amount of attention among European philosopher$ This was due essentially to the multitude of wars which tiad befallen that continent.

Published: 13/09/1990

Tags: New Super Power Perspective on European Unity

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Nigeria, the United Nations and a New World Order

By Echezona, Nduba C.

This essay is informed by the fact that we would want to join in the debate about a new world order. who would belive that those edifices with which we had lived with since 1945 and probably earlier would just collapse in one fell swoop in our very eyes?

Published: 30/11/-0001

Tags: Nigeria, United Nations,New World Order

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Afrocentricism and Christianity

By Ituma, Ezichi Anya

This article aims to examine the different strands of incursion of Christianity into African cultural setting. There is an emphasis in Nigeria, however. The purpose of the work is to discover those strands that generate conflict between Christianity and African culture and to proffer solutions. It has therefore been muted that even though Christianity has a lot of good values the method of introducing it to Africa was shabby.

Published: 18/06/2002

Tags: afrocentricism, Christianity, cultural setting, Judaism

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Globalization And The Myth Of Human Rights In Africa

By Akani, Christian

The Concept of human rights has inexorably become an integral part of
democratic governance. This is of utmost importance, especially for the
survival of any political institution. The people who constitute the
benchmark of all philosophical inquires and policies must be taken into
consideration so that the raison d’etre of the State would be realized. It is
not out of place that ancient political writers have placed more emphasis
on the efficacious organization of a political community so that a virtuous,
patriotic and hopeful populace would be produced. For Aristotle,

Published: 13/06/2018

Tags: human rights

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Traditional Igbo Religious Dance: A Case Study of Nkwa Umuagbogho in Afikpo, Nigeria

By Agha, U. Agha

The people of Afikpo are unique in their cultural and religious dances. Any one has who watched any of their dances will come to the conclusion that Afikpo is truly the centre of Igbo culture.

Published: 01/01/2004

Tags: traditional dances, religious dances, Igbo dances, Afikpo, Nkwa UMuagboaho,

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