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The Impact of Work Technology

By Korie, Stephen Chukwudi

The Impact of Work Technology on

Published: 10/09/1988

Tags: impact, work technology, unn.

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Disruptive Behaviours Among Pre-Primary

By Igbo, Janet Ngozi

the major objectives of this study is to investigate and identify the various forms of disruptive behaviours exhibited in pre-primary and primary schools in Nsukkaurban with the aim of advancing appropriate strategies for managing them.

Published: 10/05/1997

Tags: Disruptive Behaviours Among Pre-Primary, unn.

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The Impact of Fringe Benefits on The Performance of Workers in The Hotel andCatering Industry A Study of Selected Hotels and Cathering Firms in Enugu Urban

By Okpala, Anthony Ugoh

This study examines the impact of fringe benefits on the performance of
workers in the Hotel and Catering industry, with a view to establisl~ing its
importance to the workers and to the industry. This is intended to assert whether
or ncit ,poor fringe benefit schemes could be an impediment to the development of the
The study is organized in five chapters each of which deals with some specific
aspects of the study.
The first chapter provide a framework for the study. It embodies what niay
be regarded as the proposal for the study and therefore provided the necessary
background information which helped to determine the structure of the study.
The second chapter deals with the review of related literature. It provides the
theoretical foundation upon which the intricacies of the subject-matter were closely
Chapter three deals with the research metl~odologyw hich involve a systematic
description and analysis of the tools and methods utilized in the research study. It
also show the different statistical methods employed in the research analysis.
In the fourth chapter, the researcher "waded his feet' into the stream of
research analysis1'. The research data collected in the field through the research tools
were presented and analyzed. Also, the hypothesis that guided data collection were
verified. A brief summary of the entire work is presented in the last chapter,
together with conclusion and recommendations.
The findings of the study reveals that fringe benefit is of great inlportance to
the workers in the industry, and to the industry. And also, that poor fringe benefit
schemes could serve as an impediment to the development of the sub-sector because
of its importance. The study made recommendatioi~s that will help to remedy the
situation, to engender a smooth and faster development of the Hotel and Catering
industry in Nigeria.

Published: 10/03/1999

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Afromoon Theatre: A Conceptualization of Modern African Theatre

By Abaduah, Stanley Chikadibia

The Afromoon Theatre is an indigenous African Theatre that is highly
functional and relevmt to the Afri,.m community unlike the western aestheticized
and dialogue oriented form of theatre. Afromoon Theatre strives to present a
theatre that will serve as an instrument of change and redirection ro the African
Theatre practice in this contemporary African States.
Afromoon theatrc projects the African's tradition of public performance that
are visual, visible which share a c ~ nmu n a ie xperience in whicl~th e Afromoon
audience are inmersed in a rli~:.~ll-icaslp ecti~cl(;enactecll ive hcfi)rc thc Afi-o~llooll
The Afromoon theatre embraces almost all the relevant art forms that can
be found in Africa like music, dance songs,' mime, pantomime, rituals, rites, rich
costumes, special Afrolnoon stage, masquerading, storytelling and theatrical
spectacles. That is why it is known as Theatre of the Mricans by the Africans for
the Africans.

Published: 10/02/2018

Tags: Conceptualization, Modern African Theatre, unn.

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Studies on Anti-Hyperglyceamic Properties of the Crude Methanolic Extract and Fractions of the Leaves of Loranthus Micranthus Linn Leaves Parasitic on Azardirachta Indica (Neem)

By Abana, Chidubem Victor

Studies on Anti-Hyperglyceamic Properties of the Crude Methanolic Extract and Fractions of the Leaves of Loranthus Micranthus Linn Leaves Parasitic on Azardirachta Indica (Neem)
The antidiabetic ctivities of crude methanol extract of Lorantheus Micranthus, linn leaves parasitic on

Published: 10/01/2018

Tags: unn, parasitic, organism.

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Estimates of Genetic and Environmental Variability and Heritability of Processing Characters of Tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) in Southern Nigeria

By Abani, Mark S.c.

Estimates of Genetic and Environmental Variability and Heritability of Processing Characters of Tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) in Southern Nigeria

Published: 10/09/1983

Tags: unn, Genetic and Environmental Variability, Heritability.

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An Evaluation of the Performance of Indigenous Banks in Nigeria

By Abanifi , Kenechukwu A

This papcr has composed of an evaluation of the performance of indigenous
banking system in Nigeria. Indigenous banks are those banks owned wholly by
indigenous investors. Also they represent hanks in which the governmcnt controls
all or the majority of the bank shares. 'The Nigerians decided to found their own
banks when credit nccds wcre not met by the expatriate banks. Rather
discriminatory attitudes were shown to them using rigid rules in the assessment of
their credit risks.
Another perspective of indigenous banking era came when independent
African govcrnrnents legislated to nationalize bank shares wholly or partly in order
to influence banking policics and management with a view to securing large bank
lending for productive sectors of the economy. This brought about what is now
called mixed banking system in Nigeria. Virtually through Indigenization Decree of
1972 and 1977 all banks in the country became indigenously owned - mixed or
purely indigenous.
Nigerian indigenous banks (i.e. wholly) are state owned. The ownership of
these banks further subdivided into single and interstate indigenous commercial
banks. To save them from collapse State Governments bought over all these banks.
The banking system has a lot to offer jn the Nigcrian economy. LJntil such
time as all of the financial institutions in Nigeria have been thoroughly studied, it
will not bc possible to assess the significance of the banking system in a precise
manner. What follows is tlierefore imprcssionistic and ten1ntivc and may well have
to be podified when acldi1ional information becomes available.
Therc is not in Nigeria a wide range of overlapping institutions racing the
potential borrower. The various development agencies offer very little competition
to the banks as they usually have fairly rigid limitations to thcir Icnding ability
which effectively limit their potential clientele to small groups with limited overlap
bctwccn tlwn. I'hcir loans arc thc no st 1 ~ 1 - tlo ng-tcl-111a nd many havc at prcscrit
committed all of thcir available resources.

Published: 10/01/2018

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Africa in Gods Plan: New Testament Perspective of African Identity in Christianity

By Abbah, Ruth Laruba

'I'he crux or the issue that gave rise to this study is thc gcncral view of those
who have misundcrstood Christinnily and llicrcby misinformed others that Christianily
is the Wliitc-man's rcligion and thereby, a recent arrival on thc African continent. It
is, therefore, attackcd kom various angles for various reasons. 'I'he study has
cstablishcd from the Old 'l'cslament accounts, as the basic background literature, that
Gotl's relationship with the African land and people was fro111 n~illennia bcforc the
birth of Christ and thcy arc objcclivcly porlraycd in thc biblical accounts without a
prc.judice. 'l'hc Africans who wcrc God-fcarers of lhc Old Testament becamc
('liristia~iso f' llic New 'I'cstanicnt. C'onsitlcrillg tlic finding lion1 tlic Ncw 'l'cstan~cnt
I '~~. spcct i0v1' ~A l'ric;in ldcntily ill Clirislianily: Ali'ica and Aliicans arc identified as
playing yromincnl roles li'oni tlic gcncnlogics of .lcsus in Saint Maltlie\v's Gospel lo
cschalology in thc book of Revclntion. All along, they hnvc developed interweavingly
both liturgy and ctlucation and lhrougli thc church and inllucncctl both lhc Church
Ilnivcrsal and tlic society.
1:roln the life and Ministry of Jesus in the gospels through the apostolic era and
to Ihc conlcmporary generation, Ilis Sollowership as wcll as the fellowship of I-lis
l'ollo\vers have continucd to wax strong and largc in Africa. It is strongly argued that
fieom Nativity lo Golgotha, accounts through the Pentecost events to the early
missionary explosion of the Christian faith into the Gentile world, Africa was
constantly mentioned. During the early post-New Testament era, Africa also produced
well equipped theologians, Church Fathers and scholars who defended both thc
Catholic and I'rutestanl doctrines, as well as thc Christian faith and practice at very
high costs whcn martyrdom was the lest of authentic Christianity. At that early age,
the bible was translated into two African languages, bcing the then first of its kind in
tllc world. Even now, records show that Africa has the higl~cst number of Christians
and Bible translations. 130th the early and contemporary African theologians have
madc indcliblc impacts on thc universal Church. Dcspite the Islamic invasion on North
Afi-ica, it is established that t\\w thousand ycass af'ter the child Jesus had taken refuge
in Egypt, Ilis religion Iias d~l i~i i t c l(yi ) u l l c l a Iio~ilco n tlic ATrican continent. It is
objectively ohscnwl tliat tlic slinpc and poqirion ol'tlic Univcrsal Church Tor centuries
to come will largely dcpcnd on what happens in the Al'rican Church.

Published: 10/09/2018

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Evaluation Of Vocational_Technical Training Programmes In Northern Nigerian Prisons

By Abdullahi, Shehu Maaji

Vocational and Technical training programme was introduced to achieve certain objectives in the prisons. one of the objectives is the provision of vocational training to the inmates to ensure their eventual rehabilitations

Published: 10/09/2018

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An Evaluation Of Continuous Assessment Practice Among Secondary School Biology Teachers Of North West Province Cameroon

By Abongnifor, John N.

Educational evaluation is an important integral aspect of the process of education

Published: 10/10/1998

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