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Availability and Utilization of School Facilities as Correlate of Students Academic performance in Secondary Schools in Enugu Education Zone



This research work is designed to investigate the extent of availability
and utilization of school facilities as correlate of students' academic
performance in secondary schools in Enugu educatior. zone. Six research
questions were posed and two null hypotheses were formulated. These were
based on the purpose of the study. Forty -item questionnaire was produced
and administered to forty teachers and ten principals in Enugu education
zone. A four point likert scale was also used and a weight of 4, 3, 2, 1 was
assigned respectively. The answers to research questions were analyzed
using mean and standard deviation. West African school certificate
examination results for the year 2002 were analysed to get the mean
performance of each sampled school. The simple correlation coefficient
formula was used to test the hypotheses. The major findings revealed that
most of the secondary schools in Enugu education zone had inadequate
school facilities and poorly utilize even the available ones and these
contributed to the student's poor academic performance.