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Construction, Operation and Maintenance of family- sized Biogas Digester



Nigeria is richly blessed with various sources of energy both renewable and non- renewable. However, the conventional energy resources such as petroleum, natural gas and coal exploited at commercial quantities are non-renewable and cannot sustain the economy for a long time. There has been a constant period of energy crisis which has manifested in the form of frequent shortages of energy-giving petroleum products and erratic grid electricity supply. This persistent energy problem in the country has disrupted major productive economic activities mostly in the industrial sector where effective operation of machinery and equipment is dependent on energy; artisans like welders, transport industry and households have also been adversely affected.
Climate change due to increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases , namely: carbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide, oxides of sulphur, chlorofloro carbons (CFCs) and some oxides of nitrogen, pose threat to human society. The chemicals act by changing the living and working environment to which society has adapted over the generations.