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Female Circumcision: Management of Urinary Complication



In Nigeria, circumcision of females varies among different tribal groups, the type of operation employed being determined by traditional and religious beliefs. In the Muslim North, the Sunna Circumcision being the variety advocated by most authorities on Islam, is popular. Among the mainly Christian and Animist Igbos of the South however, the procedure of choice is the Simple Excision, called "Ibe-Ugwu", in which the clitoris is excised, with or without the labia minora. Infibulation, or "Pharoanic Circumcision", which involves the removal of the clitoris, the labia minora and majora, with near obliteration of the introitus, is uncommon in Nigeria.

In a previous articlehe presented details of the Simple Excision method as practised in Igboland of Nigeria. This paper discusses the management of urinary complications following the operation