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Morphogenetic and Growth Analysis Studies on the White Guinea Yam (Dioscorea Rotundata Poir) Raised from Seed



The growth pattern of the white guinea yam, Jioscorea rotundat2
Poir raised from seed was studied in the glasshouse and the field
from May through November, 1978 and 1979 by the method of growth analysis.
Observations were made on the changes in the dry weights of the organs
produced, with time. Definite waves i n the developnent of the various
organs have been shown which are comparable to the patterns e a r l i e r
reported for plants raised from tuber. This study has also furnished
data on several aspects of the growth pattern of this plant otherwise
neglected by earlier attempts to raise Dioscorea rotundeta from seed.
Derived data on the growth analytical parameters were also compared
with results obtained for some other tropical plants.
Investigations into the growth pattern of Dioscorea rotundata
using the f i r s t generation tubers derived from plants originally
raised from seed as the planting material, showed that the pattern of
growth is very similar to that reported for plants raised from tubers
derived frm continuous vegetative propagation.
Investigations i n t o the effect of photoperiod on growth and
tuberization of Dioscorea rotundatel plants raised from seed revealed
that although short days enhanced tuber growth and suppressed leaf,
vine and root growth, while long days had an opposite effect, there
was xm difference in the total weight of the entire plant due to the
different daylengths. Also tuber initiation was not under photoperiodic
control while tuber growth (bulking) was enhanced by short days.