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Open Education, Open Educational Resources (OER) and Hyperlinks



Education is essential to the advancement of any society. By education we pass down the wealth of
human knowledge and equip the next generation of leaders, innovators and productive members of
the society. Our educational systems are built to provide every person the opportunity to build a better
life - by turning children into citizens, learners into teachers, laborers into skilled workers.
Expanding educational opportunities is more possible now than it has ever been before. Through the
Internet, learners can find information instantly on virtually any topic, teachers can share their
knowledge with students on another continent almost as easily as in their own classroom, and
educational materials can be disseminated to a worldwide audience at virtually no marginal cost.
However, educational materials market is held captive by traditional publishing models that actively
restrict the dissemination and innovative use of resources in a world that craves educational
opportunities. Textbook prices have continued to rise rapidly, leaving too many students without
access to their required materials. Digital offerings from traditional publishers come laced with access
restrictions and expiration dates with little savings in return, and print editions are too often out of date
by the time they hit the shelves.