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Plant Regeneration and Enhanced Tuberization in Dioscorea Bulbifera L. Meristem Explants



A rcliablc and fasl proloco1 is clescrihed for plant regeneration and enhanced tuberiiration in I)iotrorc.n bvlhfirn
1. . a ~ncdicinallyim portant ~)lanol f thc family L)ioscoreaceae. Shoot organogencsis was irlducctl in temir~ala nd
rdlary metistems within 28 days on MS. R5 and SI-1 basal mcdia supplemented with 0.1 - I .O mgl ' benzyladcnitle.
Rooling of shoots occurrcd spntancously within 21 days on MS rncdia i n the ahscncc ofrnixi~~hsu,t was suhstanlinlly
cnhancctl (within 14 days) in mcdia supplemented with 2-5 mg1.l indolcbulyric acid. Up to 93 per cent
plantlet survival was achieved whcn rooted plantlets were hardened using top soil + coconut husk (I: I ) as subswatc,
prior to transfcr to potted soil in the greenhouse. Incorporation of abscisic acid at 0.02-0.20 mgl-' into the
planting substrate rcsultccl in significant depression of root and shoot growth while enhancing early tuberiaation
with consequcnt partitioning of assimilates in favour of tuber growth in the later growth phase.