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Project Management Techniques of Planning and Control: A Study of the Rehabilitation of 33km Ezzamgbo-Effium/Ngbo Court-Okwor Market Road in Ebonyi State of Nigeria



This research work was carried out to determine the benefit of using
project management techniques of planning and control in executing
projects. Effort was made to show how these techniques could maintain a
set profit margin as well as ensure early completion of work.
A total of sixty-one structured questionnaires were used to statistically
test the three hypotheses put forward for this study. The statistical
calculations proved that the use of project management technique of
planning and control ensure that the set profit margin will be realized and
also that there will be early completion of project under these techniques.
Project managers that employed the use of cost control technique and
systematically compares planned work and actual work done stands the
chance of reaping the benefit offered by these techniques of project
management. Bar chart as a tool for effective planning will ensure
optimal utilization of resources, thus saving cost that will boost the profit
margin. Planning in concert with control ensure survival and profitability
of the company under study.
ow ever, the researcher recommend that there is need to validate these
benefits of project management techniques by applying these concepts to
other civil engineering projects in order to compare the result obtained.
Profit data from other civil engineering firms could be used to
substantiate the impact of these techniques to the set profit margin as well
as duration of contract.