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Studies On Nodulation And Yield Of Cowpea (Vigna Unguicu;ata (L) Walp.)



'Thirty-five (35) cultivars of cowpea (Vigiza urzguiculata (L.) walp). were used
in pot and field experiments to investigate nodulation pattern with plant biomass and the
relationship between yield and yield attributes. Nodule initiation was observed within
5 days after emergence in all the cowpea varieties. Identifiable nodules were observed
15 days after sowing in most of the cultivars. V,, (IT89K-355); V2,,(IT91K-118-20) and
V3, (Local cultivar) recorded the highest number of nodules among the cultivars wl~ilc
V,, (I'r93K-624) and V,, (IT93K-596) recorded the least. A positive linear rcla~ionship
betwecn age of plants and plant biomass (dry weight) was observed in inost of the
cullivars with the exception of V, (IT89KD-349) and V2,(1T90K-365) wlicre a negative
cosrelalion was observed.
The thirty-five cultivars were screened in the ficld for eleven morpliological
attributes including seed yield. Hybridization studies were also carried out to investigate
improvement of nodulation and the inheritance of yield and yield-associatcd characters