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Traditional Religion as a Paradigm for Social Control: A Case study of Northern Sub-Cultural Area of Igboland



Modernity is fast eroding away Igbo traditional and cultural values against
arguments raised to the contrary in related studies to this project work. The writer
here gives readers a wider perception of Igbo traditional devices of effecting
cohesion order and harmony in the society. The lgbo family as the starting point
of a child socialization, parents, elders and older siblings act as teacher leader and
character moulder in ensuring conformity to societal behavioural codes. Of note,
the writer also explained religions sy~nbolismsa nd objects, like masquerades, ofo
staff, religious personalities, the priest, medicine men, rain makers in the
enforcement of social order and harmony in Igbo society. In traditional matters
their pronouncement or invocations instill discipline and moral sanctions in the
society against social deviants and miscreants. The writer proffered suggestions,
among which, the furtherance of researchers in this field for continuity and
resilience of Igbo traditional value systems. In the same vein he recommends that
for Igbo society to survive foreign inspired unslaught on her heritage, the people
have to ensure the promotion and preservation of her cultural heritage by
successive generation.