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The Importance of Technical and Vocational Studies in Post Primary Institutions in Imo State (With Particular Reference to Ahiazu L.G.A)

By Keke, Mary B

There is a high level of unemployment in Imo State. This is partly due to the fact that the people do not have the knowledge and skills that will enable them take up the jobs that are available.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: Technical studies, Vocational studies

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The Impacts of Systems Approach in the Management: (An Appraisal of Enugu State Board of Internal Revenue)

By Dim, Ogechukwu N.c.

Recently, management has been identified as the fourth factor of production which hitherto were only three - land, capital and labour it is because of immense contribution of management that has led to many thoughts on it.

Published: 11/11/2002

Tags: The Impacts of Systems Approach in the Management:

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Capacity Utilization of Human Capital for an Improved Productivity (A Case Study of Nigeria Coal Corporation Enugu)

By Nwadighoha, Chinedum Ephraim

An important personality, John D. Rockefeller, recognized the worth of
human resources managers when he stated that "the ability to deal with
people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee: and I will pay more
for that ability than for any thmg under the sun". The study is a focus on capacity utilization of Human Capital for an improved productivity, with particular reference to the Nigerian Coal
Corporation, Ennugu.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: Capacity Utilization, Human Capital, Improved Productivity.

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The Impact of Fringe Benefits on The Performance of Workers in The Hotel and Catering Industry A Study of Selected Hotels and Cathering Firms in Enugu Urban

By Okpala, Anthony Ugoh

This study examines the impact of fringe benefits on the performance of workers in the Hotel and Catering industry, with a view to establishing its importance to the workers and to the industry. This is intended to assert whether or not poor fringe benefit schemes could be an impediment to the development of the sub-sector.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: Fringe Benefits, Okpala Anthony Ugoh

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An Evaluation of the Impact of the Privatization Programme on Government Owned Enterprises in Nigeria (A Case Study of the Union Bank of NIG. PLC and the National Oil

By Nwachukwu, Obinna E.

This research work was carried out with intends to evaluate the impact of
the privatization programme on government owned enterprises. Two privatized
government enterprises were studied; they are the Union Bank of Nigeria PIC and the National Oil and Chemical Marketing PLC. In carrying out the research, the researcher looked into the reasons for the adoption of the privatization programme and it accruing benefits.
The research work also assessed if the level of performance and productivity of these privatized government enterprises has indeed improved. The problems encountered with the implementation of the privatization exercise were alsohighlighted.
In summary, therefore the research work evaluated the impact of the privatization programme on government owned enterprises, so as to establish
improved management of the enterprise by private owners.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: Evaluation, Privatization Programme on Government Owned Enterprises in Nigeria (

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Entrepreneurship Development in Enugu State (Issues and Problems)

By Kekeh, Nnenna Onyinye

This study was conducted in order to examine the ways in which
entrepreneurship activities can be enhanced in the country especially in
Enugu area.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: Entrepreneurship, Enugu State

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Transparent Operational Infrastructure for a Deregulated Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) in Nigeria: A Factor in Improved Overall Efficiency and Reliability

By Christopher, Ndubuisi O.

Power system networks worldwide have been the property of Government over the years, until about 10 years ago. the need for efficient management of resources, efficiency of services and deregulation of most country's economies have made it imperative that the monopoly in power supply business is giving way to regulated participation of investors in it.

Published: 19/09/2018

Tags: Transparent Operational Infrastructure,Deregulated Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) in Nigeria

Size: 1.22MB

A Critical Analysis of the Nigerian Vision 2010 and Expected Impact on Small Scale Industries and Rural Development

By Ngoka, Henry Obioma

This study is aimed at highlighting a critical appraisal of the vision 2010 programme and the impact it is expected to have on small scale industries and rural development when it is fully implemented.

Published: 01/04/1998

Tags: Analysis, Nigerian Vision 2010,Impact, Small Scale Industries,Rural Development

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Importance of Feasibility Study in the Realization of Project Objectives Faculty

By Ademiju, Samuel Adebayo

Business involves risk and as such, it requires systematic planning. The
whole idea of feasibility studies revolve around conscious efforts at business
planning, hence a feasibility study is a comprehensive and rigorous business
planning process

Published: 06/05/2001

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Individual Needs, Organization Goals and Productivity: Their Relationship in the Banking Organization and Telecommunications Organization

By Adekunle, Samson Olusoji

This research work analyzed the individual needs, organization goals and productivity as stated by Maslow's hierarchy of needs visavistheir relationship in the Banking and TelecommunicationsOrganization.

Published: 07/05/2000

Tags: individual need, organization goals and productivity

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Decision Manning in the Nigerian Utility Organization (A Study of NEPA)

By Asogwa, Nkechi G

Decision theory practitioners and scholars have come up with different approaches to the analysis of decisions. The orthodox Bayesian is hinged on justification of decisions while the collingridge approach is based essentially on falsifiability of decisions that have been rationally taken.

Published: 18/09/2018

Tags: Decision Manning in the Nigerian

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Management of Small Business in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects A Survey of Selected Small Businesses in Enugu

By Anozie, Edna Chinyere

This Stuy surveyed the management of small business and its consequent problems and prospect in selected companies in Enugu.

Published: 18/09/1995

Tags: Management of Small Business in Nigeria,Small Business in Nigeria

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Credit Facilities and Its Impact on Small and Medium Agriculture in a Developing Economy (A Study of Nkanu West L. G. A.)

By Ani, Udoagha N.

Agricultural activities in a developing economy of which Nigeria is a typical example still manifests still typical symptom of a peasant it agriculture. The farming activities are dominated by small scale farriers who are responsible for about 95% of total production. They are largely rural and usually unorganized and politically powerless. These characteristically combined together to make the services of formal sources of finance
inaccessible to the small-scale farmers.

Published: 03/12/2006

Tags: Credit Facilities and Its Impact, Small and Medium Agriculture in a Developing Economy

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Community Development Management in Abiriba (A Cultural Perspective)

By Kalu, K.o.

The Search for an effective indigenous system of management in Nigeria seems to have prompted most management scientists to take a harder look on our culture and its implications on the way we do things.

Published: 04/01/1990

Tags: Community Development Management

Size: 15.58MB

Organizational Conflicts in Nigerian Teaching Hospitals: A Case Study of University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Enugu

By Kalu, Christie A

The impact of conflict on Nigerian organizations has come under focus in recent times. The Teaching Hospitals are not exceptions. Within the last few years the predominance of conflict situations have manifested themselves in different forms - arbitration panels, industrial actions, and associated management problems.

Published: 10/06/1998

Tags: Organizational Conflicts,

Size: 7.66MB