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Assessing the Effectiveness of the Promotional Tools Adopted in the Soft Drink Industry in Nigeria (A Comparative Study of Coca-Cola and 7-UP Companies

By Maduabuchi, Ugochukwu Anthony

This research work assess the effectiveness of the promotional tools adopted in the marketing of soft drinks in Nigeria (A comparative study of coca-cola and 7-up companies). I conceived the topic and decided to write on it when i realized that some soft drink industries are getting confused on which group of promotional tools to use in order to win more customers.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: Soft Drink Industry, Nigeria, Coca-Cola Company, 7-UP Company

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Marketing of Banks Services (A Case Study of Selected Banks in Portharcourt)

By Nwalozie, Elven Agbawo

Marketing of Banks Services (A Case Study of Selected Banks in Portharcourt)

Published: 07/02/2005

Size: 2.24MB

Marketers Perception of the Influences of marketing Environments on Marketing Management/Practices in Selected Companies in Enugu Stat

By Maduako, Nkeiru .u.

This research work is on the "Marketer's perception of influences of marketing environments in marketing management/practices in selected companies in selected companies in Enugu State," as possible causes of frequent business failures in Enugu State.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: Marketing, Management, Marketers

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The Challenges of Public Relations for the Non Governmental, Non Profit Organization in Enugu Metropolis

By Eziuzo, Azuka Chinelo

T he research work looks at the challenges of public relations for non-government, nonprofit organizations in Enugu metropolis. In other words, what problems and challenges do NGOs in Enugu metropolis face as they tackle their public relations functions in order to meet their general objectives?

Published: 22/09/2018

Tags: EZIUZO, Azuka Chinelo

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Appraisal of the Problems for Marketing New Commercial Bank Products in a Depressed Economy

By Nwakaeze, Steve Sopulu

Appraisal of the Problems for Marketing New Commercial Bank Products in a Depressed Economy

Published: 09/10/2000

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The Use of Packaging as a Promotional Instrument in a Competitive Environment (A Case Study of Cosmetics Industry in Enugu / Anambra State)

By Nnadi, Josephat O.

This project studies; packaging as a marketing instrument in a
competitive environment. The following were the objective of the
1. To determine whether the local manufacturer considers product
packaging as an important marketing variable and as such direct
reasonable efforts towards achieving a more strategic position
in his/her packaging policy....

Published: 22/03/2018

Tags: packaging, cosmetics

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Merger and Acquisition as Marketing Strategy for Positioning an Organization (A Case Study of GlaxoSmithKline)

By Nkwocha, Charles G

Business has the opportunity to grow through internal means by buying
machinery or equipment, or through external means by merging and acquiring
existing corporations. Successful entry into new product market and into new
geographical markets by a firm may require merger & acquisition at some
stage in the firm's development. Positioning attempt to distinguish the
organization from its competitors along real dimensions in order to be
preferred organisation for certain market segments.
This research work focused on how merger and acquisition as a
marketinglbusiness strategy has helped companies in general and
Glaxosmithkline in particular to position the organization better than it were, its
contribution to the company's success and the effect in the business world.
This study investigated how a company initiated the action or make a move
through identification and selling's of prospects to the board and
management, negotiating between the key officers of both companies,
assemblage of necessary data, and decision to combine by the companies
involved as well as preparation of scheme of arrangement
The population of the study is taken from all the departments in
Glaxosmithkline (Nigeria) Plc. With, random sample size of one hundred and
twenty (120) employees being selected from the departments. Questionnaire
used for the data collection were administered to the respondents. The data
obtained were analysed through the computation of frequencies and
calculation of percentage as well as testing statistics used with chi-square

Published: 21/05/2018

Tags: marketing strategy

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An Appraisal of Consumer Credit Behaviour in Nigeria.(A Comparative Analysis of the Motivations of the NonUsers, the light-Users and the Heavy-Users of Consumer Credit Facilities in Aba Metro

By Nzeka, Uche Michael

This study analysed data from 452 respondents to a structured
questionnaires administered in Aba Metropolis, qndproprietors and
managers of Consumer Credit and retail organisations, marketing
partitioners in Aba, Port Harcourt and Lagos as well as literature

Published: 01/03/1994

Tags: Appraisal, Consumer Credit Behaviour, Nigeria, NonUsers, light-Users, Heavy-Users, Consumer Credit Facilities, Aba Metropolis)

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An Appraisal of the marketing Potentials of Internet in Nigeria

By Ogbonna, Ikechukwu

The past few years have been frenzy of activities in the online market. What is actually going on? It is e-commerce. It is e-business. it is internet. There is currently an on-going revolution on the fundamental economic model driving the global market economy.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: fundamental economic model, global market economy. e-business. internet

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An Appraisal of the marketing Potentials of Internet in Nigeria

By Ogbonna, Ikechukwu

This research work is focused on the market potentials of internet.

Published: 02/12/2018

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The Application of the Marketing Concept in Agricultural Development: (A Case Study Of Adapalm (Nigeria) Limited, Ohaji)

By Nkemakolam, Ikenna John

Marketing concept oan be reglarded as "the alpha and omega" of any
orgnnioittiond ouccens, whether the firm lo in conmmor, inrluatrial,
international or agricultural marketing business,
It has, been a general assumption that marketing i s 'or i ly uoeful and
applicable when there is surplus produced by the company particularly
agricultural commodities where scuroity leads to immediate purohase
and consumption from .the company's farmgate,
To t h i s fact the application of'the marketing concept is unnecessary
in agricultural development since what is produced by the farmer or
company is immediately consumed irrespective of its quality, price
changes, distribution system or whether the consumers are consulted
or not. 1

Published: 21/03/1989

Tags: marketing

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Corporate Image and Customer Attraction in the Nigerian Banking Industry

By Nworah, Uchenna Michael

In Nigeria, the banking sector, deregulated and
increasingly service and technology driven has become
turbulent and fiercely competitive. The crash in January
1994 as well as liquidation of FINANCIAL MERCHANT BANK LTD
and KAPITAL MERCHANT BANK LTD, by the Central Bank of
Nigeria (CBN), has thrown the entire financial system (obanks
particularly) into panic especially with the rumoured
possible liquidation of additional forty-five (45) more
merchant and commercial banks by the CBN with several others
more being classified as distressed. All these have
occasioned a panic withdrawal of deposits by banks'
customers. Consequently, these have also resulted in severe
cash crunch for some of the banks, coming at a time when
banks customers were becoming disenchanted with the poor
quality services of some of the banks, i t may well look as
if Nigerian banks today are having a rough time on two
fronts - first from the government through CBN and secondly,
from their customers.

Published: 01/08/1994

Tags: Corporate Image, Customer Attraction, Nigerian Banking Industry

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Appraisal of the Problems for Marketing New Commercial Bank Products in a Depressed Economy

By Nwakaeze, Steve Sopulu

This study tries to appraise the problems for marketing new commercial Bank
products i n a depressed Economy like that of Nigeria.
It is aimed at identifying those problems that militate against the successful
marketing of new prnducts that are being constantly introduced by the Commercial
Banks in an economy like ours and making secommendations on better ways of and
appropriate marketing mix to be adopted.

Published: 01/10/2000

Tags: Appraisal, Marketing, Commercial Bank, Depressed Economy

Size: 8.52MB

Marketing of Commercial bank services adoption of the marketing concept since the introduction of the structural adjustment programme (SAP)

By Nwankwo, Goodluck O.

This study set out to investigate the efficiency of some services provided by some
commercial banks in Enugu in the post Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) era with
specific objectives that follow:
i) to find out the average waiting time for lodgement into savings accounts,
ii) to determine the average waiting time for lodgement in current accounts,
iii) to ascertain the average waiting time for withdrawals from savings accounts,
iv) to find out the average waiting time- for cashing personal cheques and
other people's cheques and
V) to make recommendations that are in line with our observations.
The study adopted a purely empirical approach based on observations of basic
banking transactions in the three joint banks in Enugu and the use of a structured
questionnaire which was administered on a sample of 300 educated customers of these

Published: 01/06/1993

Tags: Marketing, Commercial bank services, marketing concept, structural adjustment programme (SAP)

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Issues in Crisis Management in the Niger Delta

By Nweke, Ifeoma . Nwabundo Au

Determination of the issue in crisis management in the Niger Delta became important as a result of the frequent crises that erupt in these areas.

Published: 01/06/1999

Tags: Crisis Management, Niger Delta

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