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Public Administration and Local Government



Personnel Management in Ajaokuta Steel Company (ASCO).

By Inuwa, Mohammed Umaru

The Purpose of this study was to identify problems faced by the workers in the Personnel Management of the ASCO and how these problems affect the performance of the administrative functions of the Personnel Management of the Company.

Published: 06/04/1993

Tags: Ajaokuta Steel Company, Personnel Management, 1993

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Local Government as an Agent for Rural Development: A Case Study of Orumba South Local Government Area in Anambra State

By Okafor, Edith Echezonachukwu

This study examined the extent of local Government participation in rural development and identified the problems that militated against its realization in Orumba south local Government Area. These include:
1. Lack of Sufficient Fund.
2. Lack of sufficient avenue to raise Fund internally
3. Incompetent local government officials
4. Lack of motivation of staff
5. Mismanagement, etc.
Some recommendations, which when adopted would enhance the performance of Orumba south Local Government in rural development were made.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: lacal government, rural development, Orumba South

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Rural Migration and the Development of Isi-Uzo LGA of Enugu State

By Ogbochie, Andrew Nnabuchi

The problem of rural migration has been a topical issue overtime. The rate of mass movement of the most vibrant and energetic part of the rural population to the urban areas in search of the so-called greener pastures is alarming and this has in turn attracted the attention of many scholars and governments world-wide, and particularly in Isi-Uzo Local Government Area and this forms the basis of this study entitled "The Rural Migration and the Development of Isi-Uzo Local Government Area, Enugu State".

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: rural migration, Isi-Uzo, local government, Ogbochie

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Job Satisfaction and Productivity in the Banking Industry in Nigeria: A Case Study of Orient Bank Nigeria Limited (Headquarters).

By Igbelina, N. I.

This study is an attempt to establish, if any, the relations between employee job satisfaction and productivity in the banking industry. The case study focuses attention on the Orient Bank of Nigeria Limited (headquarters)

Published: 15/04/1991

Tags: job satisfaction, productivity, banking

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Administering Pension Funds in Government Parastatal; A Case Study of the University of Nigeria Nsukka

By Nwadike, Ethelbert . O

The state pension scheme which is a pay-as-you-go scheme is, ips0
facto, designed to provide for the risks of old age so that the retiree will not
be destitute at old age and also to enable him enjoy a standard of living
related to what he was enjoying as a worker. This scheme is non-contributory because pensioners are usually paid from the annual budgets of the nation. Every civil/public servant is, mutatis mutandi; entitled to this right on retirement.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: pension funds, government parastatal, administration

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Assessing the Problem of Budget and Budget Implementation in the Ministry of Federal Capital Territory, Abuja

By Nsude Chukwudi

This research was carried out to assess the problems of budget and budget implementation in the Ministry of Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. In order to execute this study, three research questions were formulated. The sample population consisted of one hundred and five workers of three departments namely Finance, Budget, and Planning, Research and Statistics (PRS) of the Ministry. Data for' the study were collected by means of the researcher 's designed questionnaire which was validated by the researcher's supervisor. Frequency tables that was converted into linear percentages were used in data analysis.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: budget, budget implementation, FCT, administration

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The Role of Cooperative Societies in Poverty Reduction in Kogi State: A Case Study of Special Programme for Food Security in Ofu Local Government Area-Agbaduma Site

By Hamidu, Akpa Ibrahim

The battle against poverty is fought individually and collectively. On the individual front, men and women alike have never sat down for manna to fall down from heaven.

Published: 06/03/2005

Tags: role, programme, cooperative, poverty, food security, government, 2005

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An Appraisal of Staff Motivational Techniques and Productivity in Nigerian Public Enterprises: A Case Study of Nigerian Cement Company PLC NKALAGU

By Mba, Brendan Okechukwu

This research is aimed at investigating the motivational strategies put in
place in Nigeria Cement Company PLC Nkalagu and how these motivational
strategies affected productivity in the company.
The Company is one of the public owned enterprises in the country that
has recorded huge successes both in terms of quality of products and profit

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: staff motivational technique, productivity, Nigerian Public Entreprises, Nigerian Cement Company

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Retirement Problems of Civil Servants in Anambra State: A Case Study of Onitsha North and South Local Government Areas

By Maduka, Uche J.

This project work emerged to examine the problems of retired workers in the Civil Service of Onitsha North and South Local Government areas of Anambra state. It consists of five (5) chapters.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: retirement problems, civil servants, public administration, Maduka

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Staff Training and Productivity in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka

By Ezeugwu, A.a.

Staff Training and productivity in Public, Enterprises has been grossly
underestimated and its effect has manifested insurmountable problems in
practical transformation of the society. The determination of the need for staff
training in public enterprise in relation to productivity level formed one objective
of this research work.

Published: 06/01/2005

Tags: staff, training, productivity, public administration

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Manpower Planning and Development in the Banking Industry in Nigeria, A Case Study of First Bank of Nigeria (FBN)

By Madueghunam, Nnamdi

The study investigated the manpower planning and development in the Banking industry in Nigeria, particularly the First Bank of Nigeria (FBN) Plc. The study used both primary and secondary sources to gather data, and found out that the degree of success and efficiency recorded in some banks in Nigeria (First Bank inclusive) was partly due to well articulated manpower plan and developmental strategies.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: manpower planning, development, banking industry, First Bank

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Resources Allocation and Control in the Anambra State Water Corporation: An Assessment.

By Maduegbuna, Angus Nwalioba

This research is aimed at finding the factors responsible for the poor resource allocation and control in the Anambra State Water Corporation. In order to find explanation to this problem, we went into reappraisal o! the system of resource allocation and control in the Anambra State Water

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: resources allocation, control, assessment, Anambra State Water Corporation

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Women in Labour Force: A Case Study of the University of Nigeri

By Chukwuemeka. Ahubaraeze

In this study, efforts was intensified to review the various ideas towards development and encouragement of women participation in political and economic labor force particularly within the institution of higher education, such as the university of Nigeria, Nsukka

Published: 11/07/2001

Tags: Women, Labour Force,

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Inadequate Funding of Secondary School in Enugu State; Critical Analysis- A Case Study of Secondary Schools in Nsukka Education Zone

By Arum, Agnes N

This research was motivated by the perenial problems
of inadequate funding and financial mmagement in our
secondary school system.
In order to carry out the investigation, we collected
data from both the primary and secondary sources.

Published: 14/06/2018

Tags: funding

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The Role of Bureaucracy in Policy Making and Implementation Under the Military Regime in Nigeria 1966-1975March, 2000

By Ezeh, Eugene Udemezue

Thie issue whether bureaucratic Officials participate in the policy formulation and implementation has been a thorny one among scholars in Nigeria.

Published: 14/03/2018

Tags: scholars, bureaucracy, policy, regime, Military

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