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Vocational Teacher Education



Factors that Influence Students Enrolment in Business Education Programmes in Anambra State Tertiary Institutions

By Chukwurah, C. Chris

The major purpose of this study was to ascertain the factors that influence the students enrollment in business education programme in Anambra state tertiary institutions.

Published: 08/08/1990

Tags: Factors that Influence Students Enrolment in Business Education Programmes

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Improvisation of Feed for Small-Scale Poultry Management in Secondary Schools in Anambra State

By Kanu, Ngozi Roseline

This study sought improvisation of feed for small-scale poultry management in secondary schools. The study identified, analyzed and determined the effects of using locally-sourced feeds on the weight gain of anak 2,000 broiler chicks and also compared the cost of locally- sourced feeds with the commercial feeds.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: Feed, Small-Scale Poultry Management

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Woodwork Practice Skills Needed by Trainees and Employees of Carpentaryand Joinery in Building Construction Industries in Imo State

By Chukwu, Samuel Okwu

The study was designed to identify woodwork practice skills needed by trainees and employees of carpentry and joinery in the building construction industry. Specifically, the study was intended to determine the skills required by carpenters and joiners in reading and interpretation of architectural and building drawing plans; setting up building profiles, foundation and formwork construction

Published: 19/09/2018

Tags: Woodwork Practice Skills

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By Nwachukwu, Alex Onyemauchechukwu.

This study is aimed at identifying the problems hindering the development of technical/vocational education in Enugu state.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: technical/vocational education, development

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Strategies for Establishing Dress Code for Female Undergraduates in Universities , in Edo State

By Nwaba, Nkeiruka Iwebunakite

The major purpose of this study was to evolve strategies for establishing a dress code for female undergraduates in universities in Edo State. four research questions and null hypothesis guided the study.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: Dress Code for Female, Undergraduates in Universities

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The Design and Construction of a Melon Peeling and Separating Machine

By Utin, Asuquo Yellow

The absence of cheap and functional agricultural processing machines have been the bane of poor agricultural productivity in Nigeria. Besides, the few machines available are expensive and cannot be conveniently purchased or owned by local farmers.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: melon peeling, seperating machine, construction, design, vocational

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Administrative Problems of Technical Colleges as Perceived by the Principals of Government Technical Colleges in Oyo and Ogun States of Nigeria

By Adegoke, E. O.

The purpose of t h i ~st udy w a s t o f i n d out the administrative prol.lems encountered by the principals of Gove:?ment Technical Collegea i n
Oyo and Ogun Stater;, The instrument f o r the study
was the which was personally administered
on the principals of the colleges under study.

Published: 05/12/1990

Tags: Administrative problem of technical colleges, perceived by the the principals of government colleges.

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Skill Improvement Needs of Mechanical Craft Teachers in the Technical Colleges of Enugu and Imo States

By Nnaji, Pauline Ijeoma

Mechanical craft skills are the theory and practical knowledge necessary for self employment in mechanical craft area. Teachers of mechanical craft skills are responsible for execution of these skills. The skills are improved by staff development programmes.

Published: 09/09/2006

Tags: mechanical craft, Teachers, staff development programmes, self employment.

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Employees’ Perception of The Efficiency of The Internal Control Systems in Community Banks Operating in Enugu State

By Azih, Nonye

The major purpose of this study was to investigate the employee's perception of the internal control systems in the community banks operating in Enugu state.

Published: 05/05/2002

Tags: Employees’ Perception of The Efficiency of The Internal Control Systems in Community Banks

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Techniques For Solving Administrative Problems of Technical Colleges in Southeast Nigeria

By Njoku, Sylvanus U.

This study was designed to determine techniques for solving administrative problems of technical colleges in Southeast Nigeria. Specifically, the study sought to determine techniques for solving administrative problems that are associated with personnel, students, government agents; Ministries of Education Secondary Education Management Boards, communities round technical colleges, provision and use of facilities, funding accounting of the technical colleges.

Published: 18/12/2018

Tags: solving administrative problems, personnel, students, Ministries, government agents.

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An Appraisal of Business Education Programmes in Selected Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria

By Njoku, Celestina Ugochi

The major purpose of this was to ascertain the content and adequacy of the business, Education programme. In selected tertiary institution in Nigeria.

Published: 12/06/1997

Tags: content and adequacy, population, tertiary institution, business education.

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Factors Militating Against Effective Teaching and Learning of Metal Work in Bauchi Gombe, Jigawa, Taraba and Yobe States Tecvhnical Colleges

By Ningi, Ibrahim M.

This study on factors militating against effective teaching of metalwork in Bauchi, Gombe, Jigawa, Taraba and Yobe State, technical colleges, aims at making recommendation that will lead to improvement in the teaching of metal work in technical colleges.

Published: 20/06/2001

Tags: militating, technical colleges, metal work

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Business Education Students’ Perceptiion of the Effectiveness of Siwes Administration in Colleges of Education in Rivers State

By Naboth-odums, Augustine

The study focused on determining business education students' perception
on the effectiveness of SIWES administration in Colleges of Education in
Rivers state. The study with five research questions and four hypotheses was
carried out with a sample size of 265 respondents selected out from the 662
population from the two colleges of education in Rivers State.

Published: 18/12/2018

Tags: Business Education, Perceptiion, Administration, Colleges of Education

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Entrepreneurship Skills required by Secondary School Graduate for Success in rice Production enterprises in Kwara State

By Muhammed, Dede Ibrahim

This study was carried out to identify entrepreneurship skills required by
secondary school graduates for success in rice production enterprises in
Kwara State. Three research questions were developed and answered in
consonance with the purpose of the study. Three null hypotheses were
formulated and tested at the probability of 0.05 level of significance.
Three sets of structured questionnaire were developed fiom the related
literature reviewed for the study. They were face validated by three
experts. The three sets of questionnaire were also tested for reliability
with alpha Coefficients of 0.92, 0.89 and 0.90, respectively. The
questionnaires were used for collecting data fiom the 250 respondents.

Published: 23/02/2008

Tags: ntrepreneurship Skills, Secondary, rice Production

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Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Qualified Vocational Technical Education Teachers in Osun State

By Folami, Folorunso Timothy

In Osun state a good number of schools offer technical education,but most of these schools are understaffed.

Published: 18/10/1994

Tags: teachers, education

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