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Improving Commercial Banking Operations Through Computer-Based Office Technologies as Perceived by the Managers/Supervisors in Osun State

By Lawal, Julianah Oladunmomi

The major purpose of this study was to determine the perception of commercial bank managers and supervisors on how computer based office technologies have contributed to the improvement of commercial banking operations in Osun State.

Published: 18/10/2018

Tags: Commercial Banking Operations, Managers/Supervisors, Computer-Based Office Technologies

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By Livinus,chukwura Ezugu

The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationshio between job satisfaction and occupational task performance of radio, television and electronics works teachers in Nigeria technical colleges with a view to finding out ways of optimizing satisfaction and performances among the teachers.

Published: 01/04/2004


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New Technologies of Imported used Cars Needed in the Auto-Mechanics Curriculum of Technical Colleges in Oyo State

By Lasisi, Lateef Adekunle

Inadequate knowlwdge, skills and competence of emerging new automotive technology can be regarded as the inherent cause of low productivity and inability to maintain imported used cars by Nigerian Automotive service mechanics.

Published: 05/12/2004

Tags: automotive ainadequate knowlwdge, skills, competence, low productivity.

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Assessment of Available Instructional Materials For Teaching Business Education in Secondary Schools in Ogoja Education Zone of Cross River State

By Orem, Rose B

This study attempted to find out the available instructional materials for teaching Business Education at the secondary school level in Ogoja Education Zone of Cross River State. The purpose of this study was specifically to examine the extent of availabiIity/adequacy, functionality and utilization of instructional materials in Ogoja Education Zone. The population used for the study was made up of the school principals and the business Education Teachers of the 50 secondary schools where business Education is offered at both the junior and senior secondary levels.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: assessment, instructional materials, business education, secondary schools, Ogoja

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Assessment of the Adequacy and Utilization of Woodwork Equipment for Acquisition in technical Colleges in Lagos and Ogun States

By Kelani, Risikat Abike

This study was conducted to ascertain the adequacy and utilization of woodwork equipment in technical colleges in Lagos and Ogun States. Seven major research questions-.and six hypotheses guided the study. The target population for the study consisted of all the teachers and students in eight technical colleges in Lagos and Ogun States.

Published: 17/12/2018

Tags: Assessment of the Adequacy, Woodwork Equipment, Utilization, Acquisition.

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The Effects of Communication in Secondary School Management as Perceived by Principals and Teachers in Nsukka Education Zone

By Kanu, Stella Nkasiobi

This study was designed to find out the effects of communication in secondary school management.

Published: 06/10/1990

Tags: effects ofcommunication, questionnaire.KANU, Stella Nkasiobi

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Improvisation of Feed for Small-Scale Poultry Management in Secondary Schools in Anambra State

By Kanu, Ngozi Roseline

This study sought improvisation of feed for management in secondary school.d for small scale poul

Published: 17/08/1997

Tags: Poultry Management, Small-Scale, Improvisation of Feed.

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The Development and Sensory Evaluation of Cocoyam –Plantain Composite Flour Recipes

By Agunwamba Nkonyere Nnaalu

The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate by sensory means treated cocyam-plantain composite flours in various food forms-cake, chin-chin,pasties and puff-puff

Published: 01/12/1996

Tags: Development and Sensory Evaluation

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An Assessment of Technical Teacher Training Programme in Borno State

By Isaac, Indagiju Kwala

This study was designed to identify areas in which technical teacher training programme in Borno State is ineffective so that remedial actions may be taken to address them.

Published: 07/05/2001

Tags: Technical Teacher Training Programme, Borno State, 2001

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Mechanism for Motivating Students in Developing Interest in Learning Clothing and Textiles in Colleges of Education in North-Eastern States of Nigeria

By Olaosebikan, Victoria B

Clothing and Textiles is one of the five areas of Home economics taught at NCE level. Clothing and textiles is very indispensable in every household. It is also offered at all levels in the educational system in Nigeria. Despite this
position and attention given to this aspect of Home economics, it is evident
that teachers and students are not interested in teaching and learning it as
compared to other areas of Home economics. Hence this study was designed to determine the hindrances to interest of students in learning clothing and textiles. The study also sought to examine ways that can be employed to improve interest of students in learning clothing and textiles at NCE level in the area of study.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: motivating students, mechanism, clothing and textiles, colleges of education

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An Assessment of Accounting Practices Adopted by Small Scale Business Organizations in Benue State

By Adache, Ali Orokpo Author

The major purpose of this study was to assess the accounting practices adopted
by small scale business organizations in Benue State. The study adopted a
survey research design. The population for the study consisted 320 small scale
business managers and accpuntants drawn from the three senatorial zones in
Benue State. These 320 managers and accountants were drawn from small scale
business organizations that were registered with the Benue State Ministry of
Commerce and lndustries.

Published: 17/09/2018

Tags: An Assessment of Accounting Practices,Small Scale Business Organizations

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Career Aspirations of Secondary School Students in Federal Government Colleges in Enugu and Anambra States

By Ilojeme, Emmanuel E.

Career aspirations are strong desires to reach something high or great in a
job or occupation. It reflects individual idea of their possible "selves", what
they would like to become, what they might become and what thy do not
wish to become.

Published: 02/04/2004

Tags: career aspiration, school students, colleges

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Measures for Effective Maintainance of Introductory Technology Equipment in Junior Secondary Schools in Abia State

By Ihediwah, Okwuchi Estehr

This study was aimed at identifying measures for effective maintenance of introductory technology equipment in junior secondary schools in Abia State. This was necessitated to the fact that introductory technology was no longer taught with practical or demonstration lessons. This ugly situation has been attributed to inadequate equipment and lack of maintenance of the existing equipment.

Published: 29/07/2007

Tags: introductory technology, equipment, jinior secondary schools.

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Identification of Factors Hindering Technical Personnel Development In Akwa Ibom State of Nigerian

By Inyang, Patrick Domingo

The purpose of this study was to: (1) identify factors hindering the development of technical personnel in Akwa Ibom State and investigate the effects which other factors imposed on women education had on the training of technical human resources in the state education (2) find out the effectiveness of various strategies used by public and private industries in the state in the training of technical personnel; (3) investigate other factors which relate to inadequate funding, staffing and training facilities and their effect on technical human resources training in Akwa Ibom State

Published: 10/02/1994

Tags: personnel Development, 1994

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Mobilization Initiatives for Enhancing Farmers’ Participation in Soil Erosion Management in Agriculture in Anambra State

By Okonkwo, Uzoamaka V.

The study was conducted to identify the mobilization initiatives that could be used by the teachers o f agriculture and the extension a gents to enhance farmers participation in soil erosion management in Anambra State.
Six research questions were developed and answered in line with what the
study sought to find out. Six null hypotheses were formulated and tested at P = < 0.05 level of significance and 196 degrees of freedom. In carrying out the study, relevant literature were reviewed to guide the study.

Published: 02/12/2018

Tags: mobilization initiatives, soil erosion management, agriculture, farmers' participation

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