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Design An Integrated Farmstead For OkoAmakom Community in Bendel State



The Oko-Amakon community in Sendel State is a farming
cosxnity majoring in rice production a3d animal husbandry.
* Agricultural activities, potentials and problems of the been co;l~t.:r?ity have / studied vhich indicate the need for the -
services of a community farmstead.
Available relevant literature on the various aspects
inte~rated farmstead for the above named community has been
desi~ned and costed. The farmstead incorporates a piggery
unit, a poultry unit, a fish pond, and z rice processing
The project is in two abh.,.ancc. The estimated cost of
structures for the initial phase is 3518.932.80. The
feasibility and viability analysis showed that the financial
efficiency for the initial phase is 156,18$
The estimated.cost for the required structures in phase
two is ~399,377~20 making a total of ~581,310.00 for the
entire project, In addition to economic benefits, others
benefits have bee^ discussed-