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Searching for the National Nugget-the Teachers of Teachers



The key persons in the culture-moulding process are the
trainers of teachers. So says J.A. Lauwery' (1969). The National
Curriculum Conference (1969) noted that "the production of
knowledgeable, effective teachers depends on the teaching staff
since, the extent of pursuit of excellence in an institution depends
in a large measure upon the calibre and quality of its staff." No
doubt the quality of influence exerted by a teacher training
institution through staff, quality of instruction college tradition,
and the general atmosphere and tone on the teacher trainee lasts
through the trainet's subsequent professional career.
It does not appear as if many people, including professidnal
educators, have taken time to consider the crucial importance of
the teacher of teachers, and thus the sources through which
they are supplied to the teachrr trainine cdleees. It is an old saying
th'at teachers teach the way they are taught, that being so, the
fate of the- learners depends in a special way on the teachers of
their teachers. The report of the 1969 Curriculum Conference
summarized the purposes of-teacher education.