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The Backward Integration Strategies of the Nigerian Coal Corporation in the Production and Marketing of Coal Minerals.



Industrialization depends on power being readily
and cheaply avililable. The present mineral resource8
of industrial power are mainly coal, oil and natural
gas. Despite advances made in the use of oil and gas,
these resources cannot replace seal,
Nigeria is richly endowed wi-th P .lot of. mineral
resources both in intensity and extensivemess, In
deciding en the use of oil, natural gas and coal, the
relative abundance of these- resources.,, must be considered.
In this regard, increased utilization of coal, the most
abundant resources seems justificable,
Coal is' mined in Nigeria by the Nigerian Coal
'Corporation (NCC), an arm of the Federal Ministry of
Solid ~inerals Development, Since its incorporation in
1952,alkhough it witnessed some boom in the late fifties,
the Nigerian Coal Corporation has been faced with numerous set - backs in the production and marketing
of coal minerals,
Theae'negative progress of the corporation in the 1 production and marketing of coal minerals have been
briefly described in Chapter one, The chapter also
embodies the objectives and the significance of the
Chapter two concentrates on the Review of Related
Literature, This chapter takes a look at the possible
uses of coal, Described also. is the concept of Marketing
Mix. The writer also took an indep* look at the concept
of Promotional Mix and its variables.
The design of the study, the sample size, and the
sources of data arc discussed under Research methodology "2 . . - in chapter three,
In chapter four data collected were presented,
nnrlysed and the hypothesis tested.
The study ended with the summary of findings,
recommendations and conclusion,